Map: Ridow

This map is of part of the underwater Earthmaster city of Ridow, buried beneath the waves off the southern coastline of Melderyn. What follows is one possible description of the city; GMs can choose to do something else entirely.

The round buildings are tower-like buildings topped with domes, each standing for a settled world of the Earthmaster federation. The top room below the dome contained a projection of the stars surrounding the world, with the room being able to recreate the atmosphere of any location on that particular world.

The connecting galleries between the buildings — many bridges are above ground level — are projections of the links between these worlds. One such cluster describes the entire Kethiran family. There are literally thousands of small bridges between these towers not shown on the map (they are too delicate to walk upon). These represent the less used links between worlds and some span quite a distance. In the right light, the city looks like an explosion of glittering spiders webs.

Each building is a small ark for that planet, housing the dominant species of that world at its height, so the whole city is both a map and refugium of the entire Earthmaster domain. It may not be the only refuge, but it’s certainly an important place to the Earthmasters.

In the center are different, stranger buildings that house different species (perhaps ambassadors?) not suited to the city’s normal environment.

Most buildings are from a form of Pseudostone that prevents algae and other plant life growing on or near them, thus the brown spaces around most buildings. The black spots are translucent columns that both support the dome and illuminate the city by reflecting sun and starlight. However, most columns are now overgrown — some quite thickly — with plant life, and only reflect a dim green light.

Where buildings can be entered the rooms look blank and bland; a central stair shaft allows people to climb up and down to similarly vacant rooms.

Any technology would be dormant; there might be nanotech hidden in the walls and floors, waiting for (psionic) activation by authorized users (i.e.; Earthmasters). The psionic static is quite high, so anybody with any sensitivity will be drowned in noise. An analogy might be working in a jet-engine testing room. It will be next to impossible for normal humans to enter the city via the tunnel.

There is no working godstone in the city. Any AI or other working tech will be well hidden below the city or within secured buildings.

by Axel Schudak

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