Ygesdram is an Ivinian thran in eastern Menglana ruled by valhakar who supports clan Storzar. The Storzar of Menglana are locked in a war against Ibanvaal, and new battles are anticipated within a year. As a border settlement, Ygesdram is caught in the wider politics of the kingdom. Inside Ygesdram, the valhakar faces opposition from his influential uncle.

This richly illustrated article tells of the history and present of Ygesdram. It includes a local map (b&w and colour), and describes most of the buildings and their inhabitants in the classical CGI format. Ygesdram can be easily converted to represent any other thran in Ivinia, Harbaal or Orbaal, and should be useful for any campaign taking place in the Ivinian corner of Lythia.

by Neil Milne


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