Lerenil, first town inland from the sea on the Ulmerien River in Chybisa. The stronghold of the Baron Legith and his fearsome wife, Laowyn, Lerenil is a town full of intrigue and mysterious happenings. Lerenil is completely detailed. There is a castle with an ancient tower, a large pottery complex whose owner is not all he seems, a host of nobles with their own agendas, and in summer the town plays host to a tribe of Hodiri horseclans.

This 48pp piece (17MB in size) has all the depth you could want in a location description. The author’s maps and the many brilliant illustrations by Juha Makkonen and Ilkka Leskelä add vibrancy to the piece.

Lerenil was proclaimed Best Fan Article 2004 at HârnCon III, held in Ontario, Canada in July 2005.

by Paul Sudlow, with Sophia Tribad and Jeremy Baker


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