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The Standing Bear Inn

The Standing Bear has a well-deserved reputation for excellence and is regarded by many as the finest of Olokand’s three inns. The innkeeper, Haselun of Elathel, caters to patrons with the means to pay for this distinction. For most of the year, the clientele includes wealthy guildsmen, caravan masters, well-off travelers, and Olokand’s more affluent locals.

During the Royal Chelebin Tournament of Chivalry in Larane, the Standing Bear is reserved for nobility and their retainers. The inn is closed to the general public while the nobles are in residence, although food and drink are still sold from windows facing Mycepris Square.

Freemaster ostler Narandin of Othendel is an expert horse healer with a reputation for saving animals that others consider hopeless.

This 10 page article is intended as a fanon expansion to the Olokand article (COL#5618). It includes plans and descriptions for the inn as well as its associated brewery and stables. Details of key staff are also provided AND a companion download, FFF 16 – The Standing Bear Inn details them further. Thanks to Richard Luschek for the amazing illustrations, and to Brent Bailey for his expert help in editing and layout.

by Rob Barnes and Kerry Mould

This material is also available as a Foundry VTT module.

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