HârnCon NZ: Day Zero – The LARPing

January 21, 2011

Day Zero, the first “official” day of HârnCon NZ, and Jeremy Baker, as the Speaker of the Cheler Nastrad, convened a Parliament to debate and vote on the formation of a new testrad (committee) to oversee trade and diplomatic talks with officials in Palithane and Trierzon. Extensive bribes…I mean ‘negotiations’ and debate saw Clan Silkan unfairly penalised and not achieving the goals it desired. Namely, ensuring Clan Pelanby was sidelined, and we collected as much money as possible.

Members of this most biased and prejudiced Parliament are pictured below.

From left to right: Front Row – Jason Grandfield, Robert Simpson (Tolamael), Rob Duff, Chase and Lawrence Bryan

From Left to right: Back Row – Andy Gibson (Balesir), me, Brian Smaller, Peter Moller (Wayfarer), Kerry Mould (Sageryne), Jeremy Baker (Fastred)

HârnCon NZ: D-1

January 20, 2011

Here we are at last, sitting in the hotel lobby, chatting about our favourite subject. Present are Peter Moller, Kerry Mould, and myself. Much has been discussed, but nothing decided.  🙂

We’ll probably meet up with Jeremy later, but this afternoon we’ll take in the sights. In the meantime, all those who aren’t here…be jealous of us. 🙂


I’ve been ordered to add that this picture was added by using Kerry’s MacBook Pro, because my Windows computer refused to play the game. 🙁

Maps: Durgumlund

January 18, 2011

This map from the coast of Ivinia (G3) covers Durgumlund, the thraanal of clan Durgum, and Amavik, the seat of their thran.

by Oddgeir Drevdal

Maps: Durgumlund Download


Published Guildsmen

January 17, 2011

The “European Hârn Guild” project focused on producing some articles on the Lýthian guilds. Although there are not many publications yet, some effort has been made to collect data on those guild members and professionals described in both canon and fanon publications. From this, an extensive list has been compiled that we hope will support more authors and editors to further develop Lýthian economic and social customs and organizations, to reverse engineer their technologies, production techniques, but also their religious and metaphysical backgrounds. It’s also fine for game masters, and a nice tool for people worrying about continuity in the context of HârnWorld related publications.

The compilation is as from October 2009, and more recent information will be missing. Please inform me about any articles have not yet covered (you can contact me via the private message function of the forums).

by Christian Düntgen

Published Guildsmen Download


Maps: Shata Island

January 16, 2011

This map covers the J10 section of the Hârn map and includes Shata Island in the Gulf of Ederwyn. An additional feature, Eder’s Toe (a rocky reef to the south-east of Shata) has been added and is based on Rockall, a remote rocky islet in the North Atlantic.

by Oddgeir Drevdal

Maps: Shata Island Download


Great Clans of Emélrenè (Free Download)

January 5, 2011

Emélrenè is the oldest feudal realm in Venârivè (Northwestern Lýthia). The kingdom’s noble houses can trace their ancestry back generations, and claim links to the founder of the realm. Each noble clan also has links to the ‘Free Eméla’ or Émhlè, the Eméla who live a semi-nomadic lifestyle in the wildlands of the kingdom and beyond.
Great Clans of Emélrenè provides an introduction to these great clans, detailing the fiefs of the kingdom, outlining the tenants-in-chief, and lists all the holdings of the realm. A map of the fiefs of the kingdom is also provided.
This publication is a free supplement to Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia, and can be downloaded from:

Hooks: Are We There Yet?

January 2, 2011

Part 1 of 3 in the series Plot Hooks

Haldur grimaced and shifted his weight in the saddle again, trying to find a spot that didn’t feel like it had been pummeled with grain flails. Surely they were close to the falls by now. They had been a dull roar in the distance for some time, but didn’t appear to be getting any closer. He turned to the rider at his side.

“Are we there yet?”

The tall man smiled wryly and shook his head. “No, Master Haldur. We will soon reach the last of the dry land and will need to make our base camp before those of us going on enter the marshes tomorrow. Only late on the morrow will we reach the river proper, and we shall need the pindars before then.”

He was referring to the two craft being hauled by ox-drawn wagons. They had slowed the entire journey, but the man had insisted they were necessary. Well, he was the king’s representative in the Tuleme Marshes, and was reputed to know them like the back of his hand. Best to bow to his knowledge, Haldur thought. With a last glance back over the column of horses, wagons and men that made up his construction crew, Haldur turned his attention to the path ahead. He knew the greater challenges lay beyond today, but was confident he and his crew would get the job of building the first pier on Tuleme Island above the falls done on time.

If the stories he’d heard about Tuleme were just that…stories.

* * *

Let’s assume for a moment that Kaldor as a kingdom has decided that Tuleme Island is the only practical alternative location to build a port capable of servicing ocean-going vessels, and that the Crown has commissioned a master engineer to commence construction.

What kind of things would the engineer have to consider? What difficulties would the construction crew have to overcome? What techniques might they employ to overcome those problems? And would this be a suitable hook for a campaign…or at least a part of a larger campaign?

Look for the discussion in the HârnForum.