N. Robin Crossby (1954-2008) – Keléstia Productions Statement

July 29, 2008

As many of you will by now know, on 23 July 2008, N. Robin Crossby, the creator of Hârn, HârnMaster and the universe of Keléstia, passed on to Yàsháin.

Robin had been suffering from liposarcoma or fat-cell-cancer in his bowel that was discovered in January 2006. He underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy, and was briefly in remission in 2007. Robin is survived by his wife Sharon, his three daughters, his three siblings, his father and many friends all over the world.

All of us will miss him dearly. We will miss his wit and humour, his brilliance, his particular perspective on the worlds, his (sometimes maddening) attention to detail, his song, his love of his creation and his dedication to his vision.

Robin began to create the world of Hârn over three decades ago, and brought it to the public in 1983. Over the years he worked with many people to bring his vision to fruition. His chief love was map making, and his maps of Hârn and other places are renowned. Robin was a perfectionist, and constantly strove to reach the unobtainable – the perfection of his vision. He was never satisfied with his own work, always striving to improve it, to come closer to his vision.

His goal was to make Kèthîra, the world of Hârn, as real a place as he could for his friends and fans all over the world. Many people shared and continue to share his love of Hârn and thus part of his vision.

Robin was the Creator of Hârn, and the founder of Keléstia Productions. He can’t and won’t be replaced, but his legacy will live on. Robin made it clear that it was his desire for Keléstia Productions to continue working towards perfecting our reflection of his vision. Those of us who have been working with him these last few years plan to honour that wish as best as we are able.

“Kua hinga te Totara” – “A great Totara has fallen”.

“The stars of the heaven are dimmed; darkness is over all.
Our treasured bird has flown; the giant tree of the forest
that sheltered the birds and the small has fallen to the earth.
The midpost of the house has snapped asunder;
the chill wind blows through the afflicted home.
Our friend is gone; borne away on the canoe of Fate.
He passes along the viewless path by which so many have gone before”.

Jeremy Baker
Project Director, Keléstia Productions

Leriel Maps

July 26, 2008

AutoCAD drawings converted to PDF files make for very fine maps indeed. This pair of PDF files shows Caer Leriel in Orbaal. There is no accompanying text or descriptions of room, as is normal for location supplements, but the maps are of very high quality.

by Richard Woollacott

Leriel Maps Download


Miller’s Guild

July 25, 2008

One of the most important guilds in western Lýthia, the Miller’s Guild has a monopoly on building, owning and operating mills. This 32 page article contains a wealth of information on the guild, including adventure ideas. The article covers windmills, watermills, fulling and crushing mills, as well as millers and an incredibly important specialist area, millwrights.

by Nick Lowson

Miller's Guild Download


Potter’s Guild

July 25, 2008

From fine tableware to lowly chamber pots, the potter’s wares are found in the homes of kings and peasants alike. This 12-page article takes a closer look at the potter’s craft as well as the structure and organization of the guild. Included is a two page section for use in creating a typical franchise which GMs can easily adapt to other guilds.

This is a perfect companion piece for Uthr’s Pottery, a guild franchise that is mapped out and described in the Lerenil settlement module. Illustrated with the fabulous work of two artists: Juha Makonnen and Matthias Fuchs.

by Sophia Tribad

Potters Guild Download


White Stag Inn

July 24, 2008

This inn could be located just about anywhere at the discretion of the GM. The most logical place would be in a village located on a crossroads (with heavy traffic), in a large town or on the outskirts of a city. The inn could also be located in a wilderness area, half way between two major destinations.

by Kerry Mould

White Stag Inn Download


N. Robin Crossby, 1954-2008

July 24, 2008

We mourn the passing of N. Robin Crossby on July 23. Thousands of people have enjoyed his glorious vision of a fantastical, yet believable and consistent, world. I’m privileged to say that Robin was a friend of mine, although our relationship had become strained in the recent past. I considered him to be somewhat eccentric, but in a good way, the way Lewis Carroll was eccentric, the way C.S. Lewis was eccentric, the way Albert Einstein was eccentric, the way all creative geniuses are somewhat eccentric.

I wish I had something more poignant to say, but what can you say about someone’s passing; death is the inevitable conclusion to life. But it affects us when someone is taken from us before what we consider to be their time, and I consider Robin’s death to be very much before his time. I wanted so much for him to realise his dream of taking Hârn in new directions, to publish new places and new societies, to expand the world we know and love. I wanted so much for him to be a stunning success…and now he will only get to view his creation from afar as others carry on his works, as I’m sure he would want.

I mourn for the loss of my friend, I mourn for Robin’s family, and I mourn for the many fans of his creations. But I rejoice in the cessation of pain, the release of the burden he has carried for so long, and for the final freedom of such a wonderful spirit. May his journey lead to beauty and interesting times.

Rest in peace, Robin.

External Links

Travelling in Hârn

July 23, 2008

Not certain of the distance between Coranan and Tashal? How about between Laket and Burzyn? How long does it take to get from Azadmere to the Naniom Bridge by foot? On horseback?

This document contains a set of simple tables designed to show you how long it takes to travel the major caravan routes of Hârn; the Salt Route, the Fur Road, the Silver Way, and Genin’s Trail. Assuming slightly poor weather conditions, the tables list the travel times by foot, horseback, wagon and cart. You can find out how long in days and how far in hexes, and kilometres, as well as average speed.

While they may not be absolutely accurate to the last minute or kilometre, the tables will provide GMs with a consistent set of travel times they can use to inform their player about how long a trip takes.

by Peter Leitch & Anders Bersten

Travelling in Harn Download


Family Trees

July 23, 2008

This article allows GMs of any medieval fantasy role-playing game generate family trees in those fictional societies. It is based entirely on available information for terrestrial mortality and fertility, either as measured before modern medicine or extrapolated from modern data. An excellent family tree is also included to serve as an example.

by Jonathan Nicholas

Family Trees Download


Sail Ho!

July 22, 2008

This is a short adventure that makes use of the excellent Hârn-Firefly material by the HârnWriter’s Guild, found in FFF6 and the article 64 Foot Dak – the ‘Lorkin’ (qv). Also included is a set of combat profiles for the crew of the Lorkin. Enjoy!

by Brian McNeilly

Sail Ho! Download


Getha Keep

July 22, 2008

Part 1 of 5 in the series Fethael

Getha is the largest village in Fethael Hundred. The seat and ancestral home of the Indama clan, this village also provides goods and services to Silver Way caravans and travelers. This article includes two inns and the Baronial Keep as mapped by George Kelln. The details of the village’s Halean temple are included as a separate file. The temple’s regular religious ceremony, the Shesneala, and the Temple’s Feast of Halane are also described. While the personalities and motivations in this article are specific to the temple in Getha, GMs should be able to “re-locate” the temple to other small towns on Hârn (especially eastern Hârn), without too much work.

Whether you are interested in a setting for a caravan as it travels the Silver Way, role-playing adventures at a small fair, or using Getha as a base for your Kaldoric Succession Crisis, this article will give you the scenario and background information that you need.

by Joe Adams

Getha Download


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