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Thónia – the End of the World

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce our second publication of 2018 – Thónia – the End of the World. Continuing our Venârivè Almanac series, this module describes the most remote, isolated and mountainous region of all of Lýthia – the veritable ‘End of the World’. Thónia is also the ‘end of the world’ in another sense – it suffered dramatically from the effects of the Red Death, to the extent that all the civilised states […]

Summa Venâriva – a social history of Venârivè

Introducing a whole new in-depth guide to the social, religious, political and economic history of Venârivè. For the first time, Keléstia Productions is proud to provide an extensive 130 page detailed description of the historical trends and forces that have shaped Venârivè, and which thus provides an important resource for richer, deeper roleplaying and game development. This publication is provided in an extended essay format, both as PDF document and in two eBook formats. It […]