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Lake Lelanas

Lake Lelanas lies within the Hemura Forest in Kaldor’s Meselynshire, just south of the Fur Road. The lake is sacred to the Derwan Taelda tribe and marks the center of their territory.

A New Settlement in Kaldor

Establishing a new settlement is a good objective to have for a campaign that seeks to deliver some low-level fantasy roleplaying. There are a lot of problems to overcome before the first settler even arrives; where is a good site, what are the neighbours like, what’s the local water supply and many other challenges. The local flora and fauna (including tribesmen and gargun) can complicate matters, and an Earthmaster ruin in your backyard could spoil your whole day! If you set your campaign in Kaldor, where are the good spots to put the new settlement? Read on for a shire by shire discussion…