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Elven Swan Ship

The Pilots Almanac has no reference to Sindarin built ships; even the word “Sindarin” does not appear anywhere in the text. There is mention of “White Ships” on Elshavel 3, and on Evael 6 under Economics & Trade it is mentioned that the Sindarin vessels are Karune-class vessels. But the author found this to be odd and was equally frustrated for inspiration by a search through the various works by Tolkien. There are many references to Swan Ships but precious few details. One artist, John Howe, did a passable drawing of a functional Swan Ship but there are many more illustrations of ship with dubious seaworthiness.

So, with research and an attempt to find consensus on what the size, shape and type might be, the result is this one page article that conforms to canon and provides a seaworthy capable of sailing and trading around the world of Kethira. Hopefully the community can find some use for it in their myriad campaigns. Note this is not a White Ship that carries Sindarin to the Blessed Realm.

by Joseph McCallum

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