Nelafayn Quarry

December 21, 2012

An interesting site not normally found in many RPG settings, this stone quarry is from the pens of Daniel Bell and R. Airiq Williams, with able assistance of a host of contributors, including Thomas Shook (maps) and Richard Luschek (illustrations). The 10 page Nelafayn Quarry article for the Nelafayn Hundred Project describes a hillside limestone quarry just west of Abriel Abbey in northwest Kaldor near Olokand.

by Daniel Bell

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Kaikefrin Manor

December 21, 2012

Kaikefrin is a manor in northwestern Kaldor subinfeudated to Myrenath Manor, lying approximately two leagues due west of Abriel Abbey and is part of the Nelafayn Hundred Project (qv).  Its lord is a middle-aged man with a young wife from the Lasvarns of Medarsin Manor and a past haunted by an encounter with Sindarin.  As a border manor, Kaikefrin can serve as the basis for adventures into Kath territory, adventures against the gargun, and adventures against Telin the Red.

by Seth Seyfried

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Many Manors 2

December 16, 2012

Part 2 of 2 in the series Many Manors

This is the second part of the “Many Manors” series. The collection contains ten more or less ordinary manors in hilly and mountainous regions. Most of them have no special features, some have some interessting points like a very deep lake or something else. But they all will fit to most of your needs as a GM. There is no text or description, allowing you more freedom to manipulate the manors to your own needs. The maps are all in a single pdf, but the archive also contains all FCW-files, so if you have CC2 and Mappa Hārnica you will able to change any of the maps to suit yourself.

by Lars Richter

Many Manors 2 Download