Anyana’s Vale

December 30, 2011

Voted Best Fanon Article for 2012 by members of the HârnForum.

Not all Sindarin retreated to the Shava Forest after the Battle of Sorrows, and not all of those who remained behind became morsindar.  Anyana’s Vale is the remote wilderness home of Anyana Alamaer a sindarin woman who chose to remain behind.

Note: This article started with John asking Richard to draw a Morsindar for an FFF article.  While Richard drew someone that was certainly not a morsindar, it was intriguing enough that this article is the result of figuring who and what she was/is.

by John Daniel

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December 30, 2011

Fort Nyslud is a seasonal manned fort on the southern edge of the Anoth Delta. It is here travelers rest and recuperate before attempting to cross the Anoth Delta on their way north, or after they have crossed on their journey south. Clan Haidaar of Shésè controls and mans the fort and organizes the transfer by ferry between Nyslud and Shésè and to Lorkin.

Included in the download is a separate file of Gorxon of Broun, in FFF format. Gorxon is a mercantyler from Tonot who travels Noron’s Way. He knows Noron and his sons and has contacts in both Shésè and Lorkin.

by Werner (sard) Riga

Nyslud Download


Atlas Keléstia – SHKN K5 (Gámlèyan)

December 22, 2011

Keléstia Productions have published the 14th issue of Atlas Keléstia. It describes map square SHKN-K5 (Gámleyan), located in western Huriséa and includes a small piece of the Hârbáaler kingdom of Lédenheim.

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