June 5, 2009

I’m very slowly working my way through the backlog of files that still need to be made available. I mean, it’s only been a year and a half since I changed over the website, isn’t it? That’s fast enough isn’t it??

Of course it isn’t, and so the saga continues. Never mind. One of these days I’ll finally finish. I guess most are already there, but there’s still the odd gem or two to go. Much like today’s files. There are some new files, and there are some old files. Of the new files, Murelno is of note, and of the old files, the expansion to the official Glenoth article is pretty special. Download them all today.

Glenoth Chantry Expansion

June 5, 2009

Once more, Kerry Mould has added value to existing official products by expanding the descriptions for the Jmorvian Chantry at Glenoth. With floorplans (by Patrick Nilsson) of the basement, first, second, and third floors, plus out-buildings, and descriptions of some of the lesser inhabitants of the chantry, this 6pp expansion with give you all you need to use this special chantry.

by Kerry Mould

Glenoth Chantry Expansion Download


Bestiary Index

June 5, 2009

This is a quick and dirty index of the beasts in the Bestiary articles released by CGI including those in HarnMaster 3 up until April 2009. I am happy to be informed of any errors and omission which will make it in to the next version, if I do one.

by Jonathan Davidson

Bestiary Index Download



June 5, 2009

Falconry, known more popularly as hawking, is the sport of training birds of prey—mainly hawks, falcons, eagles and buzzards—to hunt small animals. The article goes on to describe the skill of falconry in detail, including training the birds, the equipment used, the preparation and conduct of the hunt itself, and a little about the origins of the sport on Lythia. The last of the six pages contains a handy glossary of terms used in falconry.

by Rick Ivansek

(This file has been made available without Rick’s knowledge or permission and has been included because his site is no longer accessible. If any is able, can you please ask Rick to contact me about this file, and any others his site may have contained.)

Falconry Download


June 5, 2009

Part 1 of 6 in the series Mineous

Murelno is one of only a few settlements on the eastern bank of the Eryn, Kanday’s principal river and a major traffic artery. As such, it is an outpost on the border of Kandian civilization and the manorial seat of Lord Murel, the Warden of Mineous Forest, who maintains close relations to the fierce Gozyda “barbarians”, populating the wilderness to the east. But Lord Murel is also known as a patron of the Charcoalers’ Guild and has started to implement plans for the economic development of Murelno and the Mineous hinterland.

This is the first part of the Mineous Forest Project, a series of articles focusing on locations and scenarios within Daenshire and Mineous Forest.

by Christian Düntgen

Murelno Download