August 31, 2008

The town of Techen and its castle lie within the fractured Kingdom of Rethem. Its young lord maintains neutrality in the face of a possible civil war, because war will be bad for business, and Techen is an important industrial centre. Like other S&S locations, Techen is superbly mapped and illustrated. If you enjoy gaming in Rethem, then this is for you.

by Patrick Nilsson & John Sgammato

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Thonahexus 9

August 31, 2008

Part 9 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

May 2008 – Thonahexus thoroughly examines the Kaldoric Succession Crisis.

  • Running a Succession Crisis – an article on how a GM could use a succession crisis in his campaign
  • Why write this? – Different approaches to the Succession Crisis
  • Reactions of other kingdoms – how Kaldor’s throes affect and influence the rest of Hârn
  • Analyzing the Kaldoric Succession Crisis: The Prelude – an analysis of the key players and their motives
  • Zerula – the first of the Lythian Ports of Call articles
  • The Khuzan Diary – a treasure item with a story

edited by Joe Adams

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Thonahexus 8

August 30, 2008

Part 6 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

July 2007 – Maritime campaigns and other thoughts

  • The Ring of Halgrim – a treasure item
  • Maritime Campaigns – GMs discuss the peculiarities of running a maritime campaign
  • And then we hire a pilot – Pilots and the structure of trade in southwestern Hârn
  • Sins of Scenario Writers – views on adventure writing
  • Building a Manor – how a Hârnic lord might build a manor in the wilderness
  • The Horn of Skargja the Wise – an adventure seed for Ivinian players
  • Seldholm – an Orbaalese village

edited by Joe Adams

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August 30, 2008

Setrew lies in the economic shadow of Olokand and the baron, Wevran Ethasiel, has secretly promised the Sheriff of Meselynshire, Maldan Harabor, his support in any civil war. The baron enjoys playing with fire, but he isn’t trusted by anyone, and Earl Curo has warned him on a number of occasions about his feudal obligations.

by Patrick Nilsson

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Thonahexus 7

August 29, 2008

Part 8 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

April 2006 – Thonahexus investigates a wide range of topics.

  • Campaign Talk – several GMs relate how they design and run their campaigns.
  • Pilgrims and Relics – thoughts on how to develop and incorporate pilgrimages into the Hârn mileu.
  • Gnostic Interpretation of Hârnic Religion – an examination of Hârnic gods
  • Conspiracy Theory – a story that casts some light on a hidden power
  • The Graesha – the tree devils of the Loalan forest

edited by Lucas Magnusson

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Battlelust Character Generator

August 29, 2008

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that generates BattleLust characters, including gargun.

by Andy Gibson

Battlelust Character Generator Download


GM Helper Files

August 28, 2008

Here are three useful tools that GM’s can use for their own campaigns. One is a Campaign Journal Page (.doc) and the other is a Hârnic Settlement Description (.doc). Each is one page black and white and designed to be photocopied. Of course, if the form is downloaded to your drive you could also type up your notes on the form and print them out or save them in electronic form. Another utility is the Hârnic Settlement Generator (.xls). This is not intended to be HârnManor or HârnTown. It is a pencil and paper tool for the GM to answer PC questions when they arrive in a town or village that is undeveloped.

by William A. Kilmer

GM Helper Files Download


Thonahexus 6

August 28, 2008

Part 7 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

April 2005 – While Thonahexus finishes with Loala, it broadens its scope on Hârn.

  • Godstones – engimatic relics of Hârn’s past and keys to Kelestia
  • The Company of the Cup – a group of Golothans with a dark secret.
  • What do you call a Knight? – How to address a nobleman
  • Highways & Tolls – Travelling the highways of Hârn
  • Genheim – a settlement in Orbaal
  • St. Melik’s Broadsword – an adventure in Orbaal
  • Holegore – a riverside town in Loala that is filled with intrigue and thievery

edited by Lucas Magnusson

Thonahexus 6 Download

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The Kingdom of Lédenheim.

August 27, 2008

Kelestia Productions is happy to announce the release of their latest Kingdom Module, The  Hârbáaler Kingdom of Lédenheim.

The Kingdom of Lédenheim is the largest and wildest of the sub-kingdoms of the Pendragondom of Hârbáal, the great realm that dominates the northern Gulf of Shôrkýnè, and lies between that region and Ivínia. The Hârbáalers are a complex mixture of ancient Járind and more recent Ivínian settlers. The Pendragondom is relatively new, and there are ongoing debates about its future direction.

This module includes details on the geography, climate, history, current affairs, government, military forces, law, settlements, flora and fauna, economy, culture, religion, and folklore of Lédenheim.

Learn of the Lédensen Curse. Search for the legendary Hârl’s Spear. Wonder at the Witch of the Shârl.

On the edge of the wild, the Kingdom of Lédenheim awaits.

Hop on over to to check it out.


August 27, 2008

Tonot is the most northerly keep in Kaldor, at the southern terminus of Noron’s Way.  Tonot is home to Baron Uthris Pierstel, a warrior renown throughout Kaldor for his love the hunt, although this is having an undesirable effect on his management of  his fief.

by J. Patrick McDonald & Patrick Nilsson

Tonot Download


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