Any file available for download from this site has been allocated to one or more of the five major categories.

Adventures are ideas, hooks and full-blown material to assist Game Masters run games. A lot of adventure hooks and ideas can be found in HârnWorld location articles, so these will appear under both Adventures and HârnWorld categories.

HârnWorld articles are about locations (settlements and other places), people, cultures, historical or current (as at 720TR, that is). In other words, anything that adds to the setting.

HârnMaster articles are additions or adjustments to the base rules systems published by Columbia Games Inc. or Kelestia Productions P/L.

Game Aides are those things that Game Masters might find useful when running games. Things like calendars, name generators, and other forms or memory aides.

Maps & Fiction are just that, stories and general maps that anyone can use anywhere, or maps of specific locations that have no text attached, as a normal location article would.

Foundry VTT are articles that have been converted to virtual tabletop modules using the Foundry