Atlas Keléstia SHKN-J7 (Éslon)

September 24, 2011

Keléstia Productions have published the thirteenth issue of Atlas Keléstia – SHKN-J7 (Éslon).

The area of SHKN-J7 is located on the northeastern coast of the kingdom of Shôrkýnè and includes the chief town of the county of Aneóla.

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Delwyn Hundred

September 15, 2011

This article describes Delwyn Hundred in northern Melderyn, including a short description of each Melderyni clan along with their heraldry. The gargun sites shown on the map are not cave complexes but lodges belonging to the nomadic gargu-araki Moym nation. Sarkene was once a sacred site for the Pagaelin when they lived in this area before the arrival of the Gargun. Many Pagaelin chiefs were buried here.

by Oddgeir Drevdal

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Friends, Foes & Followers — Part 12

September 14, 2011

Part 10 of 15 in the series Friends, Foes & Followers

Friends, Foes & Followers is a GM resource that uses a common format for presenting 2 pages of information about a character. The characters can be used in any way the GM sees fit; as NPC opponents, helpers or even emergency PCs for that unexpected player, making these resources no GM should be without. With artwork by Richard Luschek, this instalment contains:

  • a Khuzdul clansman
  • a charcoaler
  • a glassworker
  • a lexigrapher
  • a miner
  • a perfumer
  • a tentmaker
  • a woodcrafter
  • a cartographer
  • a slave
  • a Patrician knight
  • a Jmorvi mage

With FFF 12, some minor changes have been made to the “final” layout introduced in FFF11.  A revised and updated index has been included which explains the new numbering system for FFFs and which now includes the name of every FFF character released to date by HWG including the FFF release number they can be found in.  The header on the text/stat side has been coloured to match the section shown in the index.  The rating system proved too cumbersome and has been eliminated.

On the request of a fan and great supporter of the FFF series, I have also included a twelve page pdf with just the character illustrations so you can use them wherever you like.

It is my intent to re-release FFF 1-11 in this “final” format as soon as possible.

by Kerry Mould

Friends, Foes & Followers 12 Download