Menema Regional Map

March 13, 2017

The Menema Regional Map bundle contains three files. These are a PNG image of a regional map of Menema in Hepekeria done in the same style as the Harn, Ivinia, Shorkyne, and Trierzon regional maps produced by Columbia Games. Also included is a Microsoft publisher file with the same image sized and tiled to be printed out on multiple A4 pages and stuck together to produce a regional map of the same scale as the originals. Finally, the package also includes an incomplete Menema index. This lists all the features on the map, but provides little information other than the title, nature, and grid reference for each feature. You will have to complete the content yourself.

by Conal Smith

Menema Regional Map Download

Hârn Pottage III

November 12, 2016

Part 3 of 4 in the series Harn Pottage

Pottage III continues the fine tradition of bringing excellent supplementary material to the roleplaying community. While the places, people, and adventures contained in this volume are aimed at the world of Hârn, with very little work they could be used in any medieval fantasy campaign. Heck, with just a little more work, they could be used in ANY genre!

Included with artwork by the incomparable Richard Luschek and beautiful maps, the author has once again exceeded all expectations. These 40 pages are roleplaying gold…and free!

by Mike St-Pierre

Hârn Pottage III Download

As an added bonus, Joe McCallum has made coloured editions of some of the Keep (Fortified Manor House) that appears on pgs 2-5.

Pottage3 Colour Maps Download

Sheluna Mountains

February 27, 2016

The Sheluna Mountains region sits astride the Principalities of Hacherul in the west and Shelum in the east. The northern portion of Shelum merges with the Beshakan Desert with no clear border line, although the boundary of the Beshakan desert is generally considers to be the northern border of Suram Province. The most prominent feature of the area is the great Sheluna Volcano which rises 10,205′ above the arid sand dunes of the Beshakan desert. The mountain has a sinister reputation and is avoided by all but the most foolhardy. This map is done in the current Columbia Games Inc. style, and the package also contains a short (5 page) index of major features.

by Joseph McCallum

Sheluna Mountains Download



October 18, 2015

Part 20 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

The ruins of Caer Mejetus are a monument to the hubris of one man, Emperor Mejenes of the Corani. He met his end here, not in battle, but from an infected wound. As the life seeped out of him he raged against his doctors, his priests, and the fates, for denying him his place in history. His failure left the fort to the Equani who used it to stage raids against the gargun of Yzug and the Urdu. Today it is occupied by the tribe’s war-cult, the Shevrach, and has a dark ritual purpose. They name it Brýnid Márw, the ‘Hill of Undying’, while the Urdu call it ‘The Haunt of Night’.

by Alun Rees

Mejetus Download


Kustan Siolen

October 18, 2015

Part 18 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

The Shawls of Kustan sit in an open valley through which the Scarlet Ribbon weaves to Kustan and are one of the least well known, but most impressive, wonders of Harn. Dozens of carefully, but mysteriously, arranged standing stones litter the landscape. Some are confined within ditch or bank enclosures; others form circles or rows or stand, lonely and alone, among the trees. Still others top, or circle, some of the many grass and scrub covered mounds raised across the valley.  The valley is sacred to all Kubora and outsiders wander here at their peril.

by Alun Rees

Kustan Siolen Download

Scarlet Ribbon

October 18, 2015

Part 17 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

The Scarlet Ribbon was the principal artery linking the settlements of the western Corani Empire with its Peran frontier. It declined with the Empire and through the anarchy that followed. However, when Arlun the Barbarian brought order to the west, and founded the Kingdom of Rethem, it provided coherence to his dynastic ambitions. Now brave individualists and ambitious traders are the only ones to use it.

by Alun Rees

Scarlet Ribbon Download


The Black Company

March 31, 2015

The Black Company is a Golotha-based mercenary Company of Adventure. Although the Black Company is the name by which it is popularly known, it was initially called the Great Company of Jarin and later often just as the Jarin Company. Despite its name, personnel are drawn from a wide range of nationalities. The current composition of The Black Company is left deliberately vague so GMs can use it however they want. The PDF is beautifully rendered, and the map of the company’s location has also been added as an extra file so GMs can add additional elements, or print it separately for players.

by Joseph McCallum

The Black Company Download

Hârn Pottage IV

January 1, 2015

Part 4 of 4 in the series Harn Pottage

Hârn Pottage returns with its fourth installment.  Continuing its tradition of random locations usable in almost any fantasy gaming system. This edition includes a keep, a village, a walled town, a cove and two short adventures…and it’s not done yet (hint, there’s no back cover)! A Hârn Pottage spine and alternate cover with a pottage recipe are provided for the fans in separate files.

At 53 pages, this is the largest Pottage yet and again illustrated by none other than Richard Luschek.

by Mike St-Pierre

Hârn Pottage IV Download


Astaroc’s Townhouse

February 2, 2014

Astaroc Cranelson, a brilliant and accomplished Odivshe Viran, has recently retired to the townhouse in Tashal which he inherited from his aunt. An epileptic royal bastard, Astaroc has never been recognized by the monarchs of Kaldor as family, but that hasn’t really bothered him. Pursuing his art almost to the exculsion of all else, Astaroc could yet play a role in the Kaldoric succession. This ten-page article includes a history of this unusual NPC, plans and descriptions for his townhouse, eight new Odivshe spells, and artwork by Richard Luschek.

by Matt Roegner

Astarocs Townhouse Download


Tharda Villa

December 23, 2013

An adjunct to HārnManor, ThardaVilla allows the GM to develop a villa in the Thardic Republic where a patrician culture dominates. Throughout the article, a worked example is given, guiding the GM through some of the more esoteric parts.

by Jonathan Nicholas

Tharda Villa Download


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