Knights of Kaldor: The Bandits of Chyle

Created by Joe Adams


The group gets through some difficulties and gets back at the Knights of Kaldor, finishing the first act before Christmas.
September 05

The group slides into the introduction of the first act. First, they go through Denwald and discover that the lord of the manor is crooked.
Summer 05

The group gets together. First, they take a tour of the Hundred. Then they experience the adventure of the Letters of Arlin
16 Mar 05

Allan Prewett emails me. Through our discussion, I discover that he has a group that is willing to playtest the KoK campaign.


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The Bandits of Chyle - When All the Dust Settled

Campaign time it is the end of Kelen 720. Things went very well this spring. The play-testing group has vanquished Saint Freden, recovered Lady Lysella, and reclaimed the mace without loss of life – although I do wish HarnMaster had sanity points…

What Happened

In extreme shorthand, here's how everything happened.  The players started in Drilen and followed the adventure as written.

  • Encountered Galdyk's band and chased them to the hide out.
  • The bandits escaped and the PCs pursued them to the Cave of the Wise Woman
  • The bandits and the PCs were captured by Myriam the Wise Woman.
  • The bandits escaped, the PCs convinced Myriam to let them go and continued the pursuit.

The PCs chased the bandits to Vorsten, Saint Freden's ruined manor.

  • Tordai and Crial were both possessed (at different times) and died.
  • Galdyk and Garis helped defeat the ghost
  • Garis convinces Lysella to return to her father and takes Galdyk to Tashal to cool off.

What Had to be Added

Since Galdyk and his band were captives of Myriam at the same time as the PCs, the two groups got to meet each other. This encounter really helped establish Galdyk's character as a "Robin Hood" like figure. He'll be a good recurring NPC for the campaign.

We introduced Shireoaks as a substitute for Vorsten. The GM turned the map 180 degrees and described all of the buildings on the map as ruins, scattered stone foundations, etc. A hand-drawn map of the area the PCs used is here.

There was a lot of exploration/explanation of the nature of the relic's radiation. In short, the relic has been exposed to the radiation of Balgashang and is (for lack of a better word) radioactive. The mace emits radiation that has malign effects on humans but does not make them immortal or immune from mundane weapons.

What Had to be Tweaked

Some of the rules issues, like Myriams MLs, were worked out on the fly or detailed by the GM as part of his preparation.

Some encounters (like the wolves in the Letters of Arlin and the bandits in the Bandit Hide out) were very lethal. NPCs (read cannon fodder) were added to the scenario to reinforce the PCs.

What Worked

The PCs are now aware that they are involved in a much larger plot than chasing bandits.

Galdyk is now a recurring NPC and, like Sir Taerq, is known to the PCs.

At the beginning of the adventure, the play-testing group went through the Love at the Spring Fair adventure. The love interests met at the Fair have been a part of the campaign, helping the GM by giving the PCs reasons to travel around the Hundred and visit manors. The different romances have also created a number of encounters and helped the PCs build connections to the background material.

In general, the Local Campaign model seems to be working. The PCs are interacting with the campaign background and recurring NPCs. As a result, new and sometimes unexpected plot twists and mini-adventures have arisen.

What Is Next?

The PCs are now resting on their laurels in Hundholt, ready for some small adventures. Meanwhile, the GM is planning the Baron's Progress to Olokand for the Royal Chelebin Tournament. The Baroness really wants to get Lysella a husband and the PCs will have their hands full dealing with the willful little lady, her still at-large boyfriend, and all the other distractions of the road.

Last Update: 20 Jan 2007