Ilvir, the body weaver   Image (c) Ian Poingray 1997

Master of Araka-Kalai, Brooder in the Blasted Blasted Plains, The Serpent that Dwells Below, Accursed Lord of the Barren Cycle, Prince of the Fatherless Multitude, Craven Lord of the Sterile Lands

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The documents available at HRT Ilvir are:

Overview of the beliefs of three of the Ilviran sects

Ilviran Religious Orders

Holy Symbols of Ilvir

Snakes in Ilviran Religious Art

An Ilviran Myth - describing the early history of the Jarin

Sermon -on the Sindar and Khuzdul

Sermon - an anti-Ivinian allegory

Ilviran Invocations

Yffehn i Aguin, small isolated commmunites of Jarin who dwell in Southwestern Hârn.

Anoan Religion - a primitive form of Ilviran worship (at HRT: Tribal Religions)

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