The Lord of the Last Illusion


     “In the beginning was chaos. From this chaos came the First Gods, who strove against each other for domination over Kelestia, the Cosmic 'All'. Eventually, the gods will again make war on each other, destroying themselves and restoring the primal chaos. All will be destroyed, except Naveh, the Lord of the Last Illusion, and those who have embraced his discipline.” 

A Collection of writings on the Thief of Heaven, Naveh. 

Navehan Entities a partial list of navehan servants.  [JB/EA]
Arasha speaks to the Dranatha an HRT Handout for players.  [JC]
Bedarni's Tome rituals and artifacts.  [EA]
Tezrin Navras The making of an asassin. [JR]