A Collection of Navehan Lore
Bedarni of Cherafir, 540 TR

Rituals Obscura Ap Dezena 

Trancer’s Gaze (II/5)
This is essentially an "evil-eye" that a priest of Naveh uses to unnerve the victim. This causes great unease to the victim, who incurs a penalty to whatever activity is being done. MS: -5 CS: -10. Victim rolls vs. Awareness to notice the priest.

Rumors of Suraad (III/15)
This ritual takes 1 minute to perform, and spreads a feeling of paranoia, and distrust throughout a crowd. Victim’s roll against their will. The multiple is determined by the Priest’s level of success: MS: 4 x WILL: CS: 2 x WILL. CF: irrational desire to lie/cheat or steal. MF: victim’s feeling of distrust is focused on a random nearby individual. MS: feeling of unease, paranoia CS: no effect.

Essence of Gekrish (IV/15)
This blessing takes about 15 seconds, and increases the toxicity of a substance. Thus pure milk would sour, and become contaminated. Good food would become rancid, and poisons would become more effective. GM Discretion

Dream Salve of Krasula (IV/ 25)
This ritual takes several hours to perform, and requires special unguents and rare and exotic ingredients. When complete, the salve must be applied to the closed eyes of a victim. (Not an easy task, unless the victim is drugged as well) The purpose of the salve is to bring the victim into the horrific realm of "The Hunter of Sleep" and to experience the terror of Naveh’s chief Gytevsha charged with delivering nightmares. The dream typically takes about an hour to complete. Victim rolls vs. Will. Ritual Success: MS 3 x Will CS: 1 x Will. Consult the following table:
CF: Victim must roll a K3 or die of sheer terror, if they succeed, lose 1d6 INT and WILL, and 6 Random Psychosis. (Psyche Table)
MF: Victim loses 1d3 WILL, and 1d3 Psyche Rolls.
MS: Victim gains 1 Psychosis, for 1d6 days.
CS: No Effect.

Eyes of Kamil (IV/25)
This ritual takes about 5 minutes to perform, and requires a personal item/ lock of hair etc. of the victim which is consumed Upon completion of the ritual, the priest summons several invisible lesser Gytevsha to follow and plague the victim while continually outside of his field of vision. The main purpose of this ritual is to gain information about the victim, and not to torture him/her. Victims must roll against aura to detect their observers. Ritual Result: MS: AURA x 3 CS: AURA x 1. If the victims succeed on the Aura roll, they are given an uneasy feeling of being watched, only on a Critical success, will they be able to see anything with any form. It is difficult to get much useful information from these Gytevsha as it is their passion to spread falsehoods.

Curse of Dekejis (V/20)
This ritual takes about 5 minutes to perform, and causes the victim to experience the pain of the Stigmata of Dekejis. With MS: the victim rolls an E4, with CS the victim must roll E6 or pass out.

Artefacts Ap Wolren

Longknives of Desridaen
B1 E3 P9 Created by a semi-legendary Sindarin Sorcerer who was corrupted by Navehans at the Battle of Sorrows. Made of a strange porous black metal, these Longknives have been in the possession of many Navas-Kara over the ages, and have brought many unfortunates into the City of Kamil.

Ko-Shinkra of Benkas
A Black Crystal skull mask made by an insane Garana in Diramoa. Benkas wished to walk the streets of Kamil, and constructed this mask of the heart of a black mountain. He tricked a powerful Gytevsha to inhabit the mask. This Ko-Shinkra grants the Sindarin power of Transference to it’s wearer at Navehan Ritual ML. Typically the destination is Kamil, the Bleak city of night where Naveh’s followers and Gytevsha prowl the streets during it’s eternal night. However with some penalties other destinations may be chosen.

Silk Mantle of Krasula
Similar to the Dream Salve of Krasula, this black silk mantle (24" square) must be placed over the eyes of the victim. Victim rolls vs. Will x 3.
CF: Victim must roll a K4 or die of sheer terror, if they succeed, lose 1d6 INT and WILL, and 6 Random Psychosis. (Psyche Table)
MF: Victim must make a K3 or die. Victim loses 1d3 WILL, and 1d3 Psyche Rolls.
MS: Victim gains 1 Psychosis.
CS: No Effect.

Sash of Sinan
This special white and red sash indicates that the wearer is an assassin who has killed at least 100 victims. The ends of the sash are trimmed with a red and black pattern. There are 15 such sashes in existence. They grant several powers automatically: Stealth, Awe, and Endurance, and Invisibility (10 piety). Only Invisibility costs any Piety points, and the rest are persistent effects.

Irresistible Gadget of Krasula
This intricate, beautiful painted wooden toy is used by Dranatha to fascinate and enchant future acolytes of Naveh. Victims roll 3x will power or be under control of the holder of the toy.

Vesha’s Well of Lies
This normal looking inkwell bears a small skull imprint upon it’s bottom. Any writing or drawing will be corrupted by Vesha’s influence. True words will become clouded and confused, Half truths become lies, and words of praise will become insults. Author may roll vs. Aura x 1 to detect the changes. GM Discretion.

Fleshpurse of Tarlren
A secret compartment that can store small items without being detected. The purse is a small pouch that is placed near a specially prepared tattoo on the owner’s limbs or torso. All that is left is a small scar which can be opened with some pain to the owner.

Pipe of Kalris
Kalris was a blind assassin who had killed hundreds for his temple. This blowgun resembles an old gnarled walking stick. At one end there is a knot which contains a living material which is toxic to all forms of life. The substance is similar to refined Gaethipa extract. Also because of the length of the tube, the blowgun is more powerful than a standard blowgun. B- E- P2

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