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Special Note: The following description is written for use with the Harnmaster rules. 1st edition rules are marked 'HM1', while the 2nd edition rules from Harnmaster Religion are marked 'HMR'. For those of you without these rules, a guide to terminology is provided. Translation rules for RuneQuest (3rd ed.) are also available.

Circles & Offices

Sarfaedae are graded into five Circles, based on Ritual ML. There is, however no structured hierarchy like that of civilised religions. Use the following table:

Circle ML Office RML Office
1st 26+ apprentice 1+ adult
2nd 41+ 21+ apprentice
3rd 61+ sarfaeda 51+ sarfaeda
4th 76+ 71+
5th 86+ 86+

Apprentice Status

Prospective sarfaedae are selected as apprentices by existing shamans from among the most intelligent girls of the village.


The apprentice gains the following skills:

Ritual/2, Survival/2, Physician/2, Embalming/1, Herblore/1, Metalcraft/1, Oratory/1, Weatherlore/1

The apprentice then gains three option points to be expended to improve her skills or open appropriate elective skills. For each year spent as an apprentice, the character may improve her Ritual skill by half her SB.

Once an assistant has raised her Ritual ML sufficiently to qualify for the Third Circle, they may opt to become a Sarfaeda. If they chose not to do this, they cannot advance beyond the Second Circle. There are no specific offices among the sarfaedae; all are considered equal, although those with especially high skill will be best regarded.

Ritual Invocations


APPEASEMENT (New Invocation)

This spell appeases Kualthurlu, provided it is accompanied by a suitable sacrifice (usually a portion of fish). It has the same effect as the Woodscraft invocation, but applies to the skills of Weatherlore, Seamanship, Fishing, or Piloting.

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