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Circles & Offices

Anoan shamans are graded into five Circles, based on Ritual ML. There is, however no structured hierarchy like that of civilised religions. Use the following table:

Circle ML Office
1st 26+ assistant
2nd 41+
3rd 61+ shaman
4th 76+
5th 86+


The shamans of the tribe select young men to follow in their path. They are taught the history of the tribe and how to deal with spirits to gain powers of prophecy and the like.

The assistant gains the following skills:

Ritual/2, Foraging/2, Survival/2, Oratory/1, Embalming/1, Animalcraft (Ivashu)/1, Tracking/1, one Weapon/1

The assistant then gains three option points to be expended to improve his or her skills or open appropriate elective skills. For each year spent in training, the character may improve their Ritual skill by half SB.

Once an assistant has raised Ritual ML to 61+, they must attempt their first visionquest. This always a dangerous journey, and they will face hostile spirits who try to bar them from doing K'orr's will. If they succeed, they become full shamans; if they fail for any reason, they must remain at second circle until they can succeed.

Ritual Invocations

VISIONQUEST (New Invocation)

This is the ability used by Anoan shamans to walk the spirit world. The shaman goes into a trance while gazing into a still pool for several hours under moonlight. During this time, his body is helpless and insensible. The shaman's spirit leaves his body and visits the spirit world, where he can interact with asiri, spirit-Ivashu and other beings. In game terms, it has the same effect as the Divination invocation.


Circles & Offices

Circle RML Office
1st 1+ adult
2nd 21+ apprentice
3rd 51+ shaman
4th 71+
5th 86+

Skills: use HM1 rules above as guidelines

Ritual Invocations

Common Invocations: Blessing, Commune, Liturgy, Marriage, Passage of the Soul, Awe, Endure, Divination, Curse, Summoning, Command, Consecration, Excommunication, Transcendence

Special Invocations


Time: 15-RSI minutes
Ritual: Trance
Range: Touch
Duration: RSI days

Enhances a injured person's regenerative powers, allowing them two healing rolls per day. On a CS, bodily parts which do not normally regenerate may be made to do so, although this will take several weeks.


Time: (15-RSI) x10 minutes
Ritual: Meditation
Range: Self
Duration: One question

To employ this ritual, the shaman goes into a trance while gazing into a still pool for several hours under moonlight. This is a limited form of the Transcendence invocation, allowing the shaman to interact with the spirit world in order to gain information from friendly spirits. In game terms, the effect is the same as the divination invocation, but the shaman's body is helpless and insensible for the time of the ritual.


Assistant Shaman Status

Skills: First Aid x3, Animal Lore x4, Human Lore x2, Plant Lore x2, World Lore x3, Listen x1, Hide x1, Track x1, Orate x2, Ceremony x3, Summon x5, Enchant x2, Fist Attack x1, 1H Axe attack x1, 1H Spear attack x1, 1H Spear parry x1

Shaman Status

Requirements are as per shamans. Shamans of K'orr are also priests.

Common Divine Magic: Divination, Find Enemy, Heal Wound, Sanctify, Soul Sight, Spirit Block, Worship K'orr
Special Divine Magic: Call (Ivashu type), Command (Ivashu type), Mutation, Regrow Limb, Wither
Mutation (New divine magic spell)
   3 points   touch, permanent, nonstackable, one use
If the caster overcomes the victim's power, then the victim receives a minor, non-chaotic mutation. This may involve extra fingers, lengthened limbs, etc. It is usually not severe enough to create a physical handicap, but the victim does lose 3 APP. The effect can be overcome by a Restore Health (APP) spell.
Runes: Motion, Ivashu *

* - don't ask me what this rune looks like! If it doesn't feel appropriate, you can always replace it with Beast.

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