Welcome to the halls of the

The Blessed Realm


Sanctuary of the Sindarin and the righteous Khuzdul, and dwelling place of their Lord, Friend, and Guide:




Master of the Lords of Dream, Bringer of Meritorious Dreams and Blessed Forgetfulness, Lord of the Starlit and Thriced-Blessed Realm, King of the Uttermost West, Master of the Sundered Ones in Exile, Spirit of the Mist, The Never Changing Lord of the Azure Bowl, Exalted Guide to the Mysteries of the Waking Dream


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Welcome to the Blessed Realm of the Lord of Dream. You may have teleported here from the home page of the Harn Religion Team (HRT), where you can also find an overview of the HRT's goals and links to other HRT pages. Here, at the Blessed Realm, you will find an archive of information that the HRT has developed regarding the Hârnic god Siem and the doctrines and beliefs of his followers.

Many of the documents presented here are complete. Some, however are in their draft states and will be revised at a later time. It is also hoped that a gread deal of new material will be provided and submitted.

Check out the action list describing projects that were planned but never completed.





Basic Siemic Beliefs


Deeper Mysteries of Siem