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Excerpt from the teachings of Clan Gaarestaal

(Vulenheim, Menglana, ca. 550 TR)

Where did the world come from?

In the days before time, Kelestia was born in an instant of great strife. The first to waken from the Nothingness were the First Gods, and they were strong. And they fought bravely over dominion of the newly birthed universe. And they discovered that they had the power to create great things, and created the so-called Lesser Gods to fight for them, to be their huscarls. The Lesser Gods in turn created still more things, beasts and man and unspeakable demons, all to serve them as they served the First Gods. Eventually, the First Gods all perished, leaving only the gods they had called "lesser" to rule the realms they had created. Our Lord is the greatest of the remaining Gods, and this cold, frosty, forbidding land and the cruel and merciless sea were created by him to test usand harden us, to ensure that only the strongest and bravest would survive.

Where did I come from?

You were created by the Grey Lord, to serve him as is his due, to prove yourself worthy and able to take up the Great Struggle when the time is right. The Great Grey Slayer has no time to coddle weaklings, for the Great Struggle approaches even as we speak.

Why am I here?

You are here to prove to our Lord that you are worthy. Only the strongest and boldest will have a chance of achieving triumph when the Great Struggle begins. Your life is a test, and your Lord is watching. Do not fail him.

What happens after we die?

Those who are worthy wil be borne to Talagaad, to revel in the joys of battle ceaselessly. They shall discover comraderie in competition, comfort in skill-at-arms, and when the Great Struggle comes, they will be ready. No day will pass that they will not be examples of courage and might.

What of the other Gods? Tell me the Truth about...


The Master of the V'hir was once a great warrior, but has lost sight of his honor. While battle and bloodshed are noble endeavors, wanton killing with no purpose and cravenly acts of cowardice merely to succeed are not. Nevertheless, the servants of the Lord of the Four Horsemen are quite skilled, and may be our allies when the time is right.


The Lady of Bargains is not to be trusted. The wiles of the woman have sent many a warrior to his grave before his time. Take not her priestesses as warbrides, lest you see first hand the true evil heart that all women possess.


The Craven Lord is cagey, and not easily understood. Have caution around him, for he is as a wild animal, unpredictable and dangerous to the unwary. Guard well against him and those who profess to follow him.


Strong and good. Pure of heart, Larani is a true Shieldmaiden. She and her soldiers should be treated with the respect that is their due. Forgive their minor transgresses against the Ljarl, for their Goddess is sometimes blinded by her hatred of Agrik.


Servants of the Wreaker of Chaos is what men with no sense of honor, discipline, or order become. They are cowards, striking out from the Shadow at men who are better than they. Unable to cope with his own base inadequacies, the Wielder of Shadow seeks to subvert his betters. Show them their foolishness, show them no mercy.


The Master of Deceit is also the Master of Cowardice. He strikes only at night, and will not face his foes in open battle, as is their honorable due. Crush them wherever they are found, lest their cowardly machinations become troublesome.


The Lady of Labors is good and strong in her own way, but has no heart for that which must be done. Left to her, those like Morgath and Naveh would run rampant over the Earth and the Heavens. Waste not your time trying to show them the true way, for they are stubborn in their ignorance.

Save K'nor

As the holder of the Law, the Lost Guide is to be treated with the respect given to any wyrdsmaan. He speaks only the truth, and his counsel is wise. Though he is without skill-at-arms, he is nonetheless a worthy ally.


The Lord of Dreams, while wise, is slow to act. He would rather talk ceaselessly and lose than act decisively and win. If he can be motivated, he is a force to be reckoned with, but even the taking of Bukrai by the Lord of Chaos could not stir him to action. His words, while sometimes wise, are ultimately useless.