A sermon on the symbols of Peoni

by father Obrasar of Oban.

For us Peonians, the number four has a special meaning. All of nature depends on the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. There are daily repetitions of morning, day, evening and night. The most holy of Peonis servants are four, and there were four Aerlathos, who came from four different direrctions. There are also four elements, and four holy celestial bodies.

The holy number appears again and again, and there are holy connections between these sets of four. There are at least four and four again of these holy sets.

All these things are connected:
Spring, Morning, Birth, Childhood, East, Earth, Kethira and Maermal.

This is why we talk and sing of Maermal on the first lesser Sapeleh in each month. This holy connection is also why we face east, touch earth and pray to Maermal as the first thing we do in the morning.

Maermal teaches us that hard work and patience will be rewarded by the Goddess. He tells us to always work out constructive solutions to problems, and not resort to violence in times of crisis.

This is also why children are brought into the temple for the very first time in the morning, and why Maermal protects the well being of our children, like we ourselves give them well being through hard work.

These things are connected:
Summer, Day, Growth, Youth, South, Fire, Nolomar and Yselde.

This is why we talk and sing of Yselde on the second lesser Sapeleh in each month. This holy connection is also why we face south, towards the sun and pray to Yselde in the middle of each day.

Yselde teaches us to love with a true heart. She tells us that love, honesty and patience makes us much happier than greed and short lived passion.

This is also why weddings always takes place in the middle of the day, and why we always light fires these days. This is also why rain on a wedding day is considered a bad omen. The sun should watch over a wedding, not the tears of Belsirasin. Yselde is the patron of lovers, and she helps us see the good and beautiful sides in each other.

These things are connected:
Autumn, Evening, Maturity, Old age, West, Air, Epeon and Tirrala.

This is why we talk and sing of Tirrala on the third lesser Sapeleh in each month. This holy connection is also why we face west, towards the evening star and pray to Tirrala when the sun sets.

We pray to Tirrala for health for our selves and for all others. We praise her for teaching us the skills of a healthy life, and for the healers and physicians who have healing powers through her. We also praise the old, who share their wisdom with us, so that we will be able to share it with our children.

This is also why we pray for the sick in the evening, and the reason for the priests to do most of their work of healing at dusk.

These things are connected:
Winter, Night, Decay, Death, North, Water, Yael and Belsirasin.

This is why we talk and sing of Belsirasin on the fourth lesser Sapeleh in each month. This holy connection is also why we face north and pray to Belsirasin for the strength to be truthful, before we go to sleep every night. This is also why we drink a sip of pure water before we sleep, to remind us of Belsirasins tears.

Belsirasin teaches us to be truthful and honest, and sheds a tear for every lie or deceit. He tells us that only through truth will there be love and happiness. Lies destroy our hard work, and for every lie - we die a little.

This is also why we pray for the dead ones we love when the moon is full, and the reason that we bury our dead after the sun has set. The night will give them the rest they need before they enter Valon, and the water will make them grow again in the meadows of eternal spring.

The most important thing with these symbols is this:
They all represent our Goddess Peoni.

When we taste the fruits of Kethira, we are reminded of the life bringing Peoni.

When we feel the warmth and light of the sun, we remember the warm and loving Peoni.

When we hear the wind or look at the evening star, we are reminded of the healing powers of Peoni.

When we look at the moon or feel the drops of rain, we remember the truthfulness of Peoni.

Whether we face east, south, west or north, we always face Peoni.

Whether we look at the earth, the sun, the evening star or the moon, we think of the Goddess.

She is One, and all of these symbols are but images of her. This, you must never forget.

Maermal, Yselde, Tirrala and Belsirasin are the servants of Peoni. They love her more than anyone, but like us, they would be nothing without her. She is the Goddess of Labour, Love, Health and Truth.

HRT : Peoni
Obrasar / Magnus.
Last updated: 27 February 2001 by Jamie 'Trotsky' Revell