Peonian Saints Days & Festivals

This list is derived from David Millian's article on the Peonian Calendar and Jamie Norrish's list of Peonian Saints. Note: This list does not include the Lesser Sapulach (celebrated each month on the 4th, 12th, 20th, and 28th) nor the Greater Sapulach (celebrated each month from the 14th to the 17th).
Day Month Saint or Festival Name Notes
1st Nuzyael Tirrala the Handmaiden Patron Saint of Eastern Lands, Healing, Physicians, and Spring Renewal
2nd Nuzyael Glinde the Midwife Patron saint of Conception
9th Nuzyael Laryn Patron Saint of Pilots, Seamen and Shipwrights
18th Nuzyael Brant Patron Saint of Millers
23rd Nuzyael Balfo Patron Saint of Hide workers
2nd Peonu Harin Patron Saint of Fools, Jesters and Simpletons
4th Peonu The Restoration Festival  
7th Peonu Urbrin Patron Saint of Woodcrafters
9th Peonu Gwene Prophet and Martyr: Patron Saint of Faith
24th Peonu Alys Patron Saint of Thespians
6th Kelen Dwyn Patron saint of Music and Musicians
8th Kelen Balor of the Cave Patron Saint of the Natural World
22nd Kelen Shale Patron Saint of Storms
23rd Kelen Conwan Patron Saint of Artists and Fine Craftsmen
1st Nolus Maermal the Lord of Labor Patron Saint of Duty, Fortitude, Patience, Southern Lands, Summer, Temperance
3rd Nolus Harbraen  
    Elana the Wise Prophet Celebrated in Shorkyne only, Prophet of Wisdom and Conscience
    Angyla (?) Posible Date for the Angyla - the Peonian Peasant Festival in all but Western Harn
11th Nolus Owin; Patron Saint of Miners
    Angyla (?) Posible Date for the Angyla - the Peonian Peasant Festival
19th Nolus Angyla (?) Posible Date for the Angyla - the Peonian Peasant Festival
    19th of of Aleath Western Hârn - Patron saint of Physicians and Children's Health
26th Nolus Ferin Patron Saint of Masons
27th Nolus Angyla (?) Posible Date for the Angyla - the Peonian Peasant Festival
    Miram the Wanderer Patron Saint of Goodwill and travellers
27th Nolus Anglya (?) In Tharda Only
    Lorden of Tashal Central Harn; Patron Saint of Informers and Bell Ringers
29th Nolus Dael the Son Patron Saint of Sons
30th Nolus Chesla Patron Saint of Horsemen, Horses and Ostlers
30th Nolus Karen Patron Saint of Daugthers
3rd Larane Arslesa Saint of Potters
6th Larane Frin Patron Saint of childhood and third baptism (Frinaech)
8th Larane Din the Lawgiver Patron Saint of Justice and Oaths
19th Larane Mare Patron Saint of Sleep
27th Larane Aldin the Golden Patron Saint of Charcoalers.
3rd Agrazhar Harbraen Prophet - Celebrated in Shorkyne Only.
    Angyla (?) Possible Date for the Angyla - the Peonian Peasant Festival
6th Agrazhar Rasumonde Patron Saint of Apothecaries
8th Agrazhar Safransi of the Sheaf Martyr
    Ara the Founder In Western Harn - Ara organized Hârn as part of the Peonian Worship
10th Agrazhar Hanuk Patron Saint of Salters
11th Agrazhar Anglya (?) Posible Date for the Angyla - the Peonian Peasant Festival In Tharda Only
    Sabalyne the Builder Central Hârn: Patron saint of Buildings and Builders.
    Sara of Horadir Eastern Hârn: Patron Saint of horsemen and ostlers.
13th Agrazhar Rogin Patron Saint of Beggars, Charity, Humility, and Travel
19th Agrazhar Angyla (?) Posible Date for the Angyla - the Peonian Peasant Festival In Tharda Only
    Vusa of the Garden Central Harn: - Patron saint of Birds and fertile valleys.
    Daryn of the Guild Eastern Hârn: - Patron saint of settlements and serfs.
25th Agrazhar Rabin Patron Saint of Duty and Herdsmen
29th Agrazhar Hos Patron Saint of Hunters and Woodsmen
30th Agrazhar Elsbit the Mother Patron saint of women and the ritual of confirmation and baptism known as Oedolynaech
1st Azura Yselde the Trothmaker Patron Saint of Love, Marriage, Prudence, Labor
    Mirytha Western Harn -The Aedathos of the West.
4th Azura Harvest Home Festival  
26 Azura Aldo Patron Saint of Orphans
29th Azura Ranal the Good Patron Saint of Men and the Ritual of Confirmation and Baptism (Oedolynaech)
3rd Halane Arselesa Patron Saint of Potters
5th Halane Orgin Patron Saint of Timberwrights
2nd Savor Kuvan Patron saint of Metal smiths
8th Savor Brigid Patron Saint of Scribes and Intellectuals
25th Savor Shime Patron Saint of Dreams
30th Savor Manut Patron Saint of Death, Sailors/Seamen, Fishermen, Travelers and Mercantylers/Merchants
2nd Ilvin Belsiransin the Weeper Patron saint of Northern Lands, Truth and Winter
5th Ilvin Delin Patron Saint of Chandlers
25th Ilvin Tera the Crone Patron Saint of Old Age, Death and Last Rites (Tireach)
30th Ilvin Taran Patron Saint of Inns and Travel
5th Navek Bane Patron Saint of Warriors
18th Navek Eshaela Prophet of Harbraen; Patron saint of Priests
25th Navek Nele Patron Saints of Infants, and Neleaech
30th Navek Elana Patron Saint of Hope in Western Harn it is the day of Elana the Wise (Crown of Gold) queen of Aleath; in Eastern Harn it is the day of Elana of the Hand of Peace (White Hand) worked with Red Death victims
7th Morgat Esa Patron Saint of Tent makers
24th Morgat Nare Patron Saint of Clothiers
30th Morgat Melise Patron Saint of Birth, Newborns, and the First Baptism, (Melisaech)

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