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Welcome to the HRT (Hârn Religion Team) Miscellany Page. You have probably come here from the Hârn Religion Team home page. If that's not the case, you may want to go there first to see what HRT is all about.

On this page, you will find items that do not obviously fit into any of the main subdivisions of HRT. This might include (but is by no means limited to) documents relating to:

Unlike the other areas of HRT, there is no "action list" associated with this page. The reason for this is simple: we at HRT are not currently seeking to develop these unusual and/or extra-Hârnic religions in a systematic manner. Consequently, instead of an action list, we have provided a possibility list indicating the kinds of topics that might be appropriate for inclusion on this page, should anyone care to develop them on his/her own.

The Files

The following files are all in HTML format:

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