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A Halean 
Welcome to the Palace of the Goddess of Pleasure and Opulence!
The Empress of Opulence, Queen of Pleasures and Self-fulfilment, Maker of Bargains, Guardian of the Treasure Hoardes of Heaven, Enslaver of Hearts and Loins, Unchaste Lady of the Ten Forgotten Acts, Golden Temptress of the Crimson Chamber.

These pages are dedicated to fan generated material about Halea. For more information, see the What's this or About links to the left.

Please feel free to use the material posted here in your campaigns or writeups. It is here to be used. We do ask, however, that if you incorporate HRT ideas into something you write, that you give us a brief acknowledgment. A mention of the Harn Religion Team and its website URL would be most appreciated.

Last Update: June 10, 2002
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