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Friends, Foes & Followers — Part 9

Friends, Foes & Followers is a GM resource that uses a common format for presenting 2 pages of information about a character. The characters can be used in any way the GM sees fit; as NPC opponents, helpers or even emergency PCs for that unexpected player, making these resources no GM should be without. A companion to The Earl’s Progress (qv) and Caldeth Townhouse (qv), this edition includes twelve NPCs suitable for use as part of the adventure or separately within a noble household or entourage. It has NPCs from all levels of Hârnic society, including nobles (Laranian cleric, squire and noble offspring), guildsmen and highly ranked commoners (steward, ostler and harper), and commoners (servant, domestic, falconer, teamster, yeoman and scout).

by Kerry Mould


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