Travelling in Hârn

Not certain of the distance between Coranan and Tashal? How about between Laket and Burzyn? How long does it take to get from Azadmere to the Naniom Bridge by foot? On horseback?

This document contains a set of simple tables designed to show you how long it takes to travel the major caravan routes of Hârn; the Salt Route, the Fur Road, the Silver Way, and Genin’s Trail. Assuming slightly poor weather conditions, the tables list the travel times by foot, horseback, wagon and cart. You can find out how long in days and how far in hexes, and kilometres, as well as average speed.

While they may not be absolutely accurate to the last minute or kilometre, the tables will provide GMs with a consistent set of travel times they can use to inform their player about how long a trip takes.

by Peter Leitch & Anders Bersten


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