Nosferatu-style Morvrin spreading disease?

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Nosferatu-style Morvrin spreading disease?

#1 Post by Sir Eldaen » Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:29 pm

Greetings, Hârniacs!

The first part of my new campaign will begin with the Players accompanying the year's first Fur Road Caravan from Olokand to Leriel. They are, each for his own reasons and unaware of the other's intentions, all investigating the smuggling of Khuzan weapons from Setrew to Lorkin.

What they do not know is that the Baron, as a Morgathian, this time also smuggles an Amorvrin to Leriel in order to spread a contagious disease and weaken their defenses, at the same time discrediting the Prince of Leriel. This enables the King of Orbaal to finally Annex Leriel. (The Baron is doing this for the campaign's Mastermind, an influential Kaldoric nobleman.) The Morvrin is "disguised" as a diceased Ilviran who wants to be buried in Araka-Kalai, making this his last pilgrimage.

My questions are:

1) Is there anything in Canon or fanon concerning Morvrin spreading diseases just like vampires did in some classic tales (Nosferatu)? Or does anybody have any ideas?

2) What disease or plague could this be? Is there any info on suitable diseases (both Setting-wise and in game-Terms)?

3) Do you guys have any ideas for scenes occuring during the Fur Road Caravan in mid-spring that convey mystery, horror, and a looming threat just like in those old movies?
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Re: Nosferatu-style Morvrin spreading disease?

#2 Post by Peter the skald » Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:48 pm

Aside from the contagion of undeath that is the shadow? :) Not sure if any in canon. My instinct is that movrin are poor hosts for diseaesr...being neither living nor decaying...but hey ho.
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Re: Nosferatu-style Morvrin spreading disease?

#3 Post by Nightly Knight » Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:10 pm

Theoretically at least almost anything can be a host for a disease. Furthermore it's not like Harn has microbiology labs. I get the idea of what you're referring to. I would suggest that it is some kind of special invocation. Call it "Emissary of Morgath" or something like that, which is a red herring of course. You could also have it be some poor accursed victim who was taken and tormented by Morgathians and then thinks he 'escaped' but doesn't realize he was released actually in order to spread this plague upon the world. You could also give him unnatural vampiric appetites and a modified appearance, increasing his instincts gradually and making the whole thing a race against time. Just my two cents.

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Re: Nosferatu-style Morvrin spreading disease?

#4 Post by Krazma » Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:01 am

You might want to read through the adventure Dead Weight, as it has a similar premise (a Morgathian plot to spread disease). I'd think a lot of it could be easily modified to the scenario you've got.

Also, the fanon Rat Pack article (available on includes information on a type of disease transmitted by undead rats. It might give you some ideas to work with.

Another idea would be to keep the amorvrus and the disease carrier as separate individuals. The premise being that the Shadow makes it difficult to cultivate a disease (or at least some diseases) due to the "host" being dead. Whether they are working together willingly, or whether the carrier is an unwilling/unwitting pawn who has been misled or coerced by the amorvrus.

As for the Fur Road and mood setting: I would imagine that a long trek through the rainy, fog-shrouded forests of Nuthela in springtime would provide ample opportunities. Taelda and Anoa could keep the caravan under constant surveillance, and possibly make occasional attacks, or kidnap those who stray too far. Similarly, the trail passes through the range of gargun who could menace any caravans. Finding the remains of other travelers could help ratchet up the tension a bit. Natural hazards like flooding streams and predators like wolves/bears/etc could help set the tense mood, especially if they can somehow sense the presence of the Amorvrus and behave oddly as a result.

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Re: Nosferatu-style Morvrin spreading disease?

#5 Post by Derfman » Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:51 pm

My pHarn spin on the nature of the bukrai/shadow is sorta neutral on the subject.

Having said that, I could certainly justify it, and if it helps your story, go for it.

If you want the details, no problem, but they are deep pHarn.

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