A Twist on the Sirion Silver Conspiracy

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A Twist on the Sirion Silver Conspiracy

#1 Post by DucatiDon » Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:34 am

In my Apocryphal HArn game, my player have fled Kiraz and arrived at Sirion. I wanted a little more nefarious than a simple secret mine, so In presenting Sirion, I decided to port over the Slavers Stockade A2 from AD&D.
As I began to think through the import of slave labor and export of gold/silver, I noted the tunnel into the Underdark in the module, and the trade with the Drow. I liked this.
I also considered the likelihood of a connection with Araka Kalai. And I pondered......

Here is what I came up with, please edit or add your comments and check my logic.

Handrik of Chael [Shiran C18] of the Miners guild in Shiran learns about the Iracu mine and sets a plan in motion to avoid import taxes. He suborns Algen of Harbra [Shiran C4] , the Pilots Guildmaster, and the jeweler Horbeth of Erylis [Shiran C17] who will help "launder" the silver/gold and Pinel of Dyr [Shiran C8] council member and master mercantyler. Eben of Kantar [Shiran E4] is bribed to provide slave labor to the mine.

In the course of expanding the underground caverns below the fortified manor (stockade) at Sirion, a deep tunnel is discovered and trade with the Drow is initiated. Slaves not up for labor in the mines are traded to the Drow in exchange for strange beasts for the Pamesani games. The local Miners guild overseer pockets the proceeds.
The ore and beasts (maybe even some slaves) are sent through the "laundry" chain back to Shiran.
All seems kosher.

Now If I want to include the Dark Brotherhood and the Order of the Demon from Shiran.....

The order of the Dark Brotherhood, wants to stop the flow of Ivashu to the Agrikan arena's.
If they could find an alternate source of gladiatorial beasties, ie the Underdark... they might support the Sirion operation.

The Agrikans want the Ivashu, but might be just as content with alternate spectacular beasties.

I could see the Miners Guild (Handrik), Tave (Araka Kalai), and Merele (Agrikan Order of 8 High Priestess) all in cahoots, sharing the profits.

The Ilviran order of the Seafarer Ibenis makes their income from supplying Ivashu. So they would be against the Sirion operation, especially if their contracts with the Agrikans dried up, and likely to report to (whom?)

And obviously Goril of Ardair [Shiran C23] the local Lia Kavair Guildmaster is suspicious and would want a take if he learned the truth...

Net results, more Ivashu loose at Araka Kalai.....Slaves disappearing at Sirion/Iracu, Lots of wealth in the pockets of a few "Slave" Lords... hehe

And the enter our bumbling PCs....who just wanted to rest for the night in a nice bed after spending weeks underground in deserted Kiraz and Ushet. (Well, Ushet wasn't deserted...)


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Re: A Twist on the Sirion Silver Conspiracy

#2 Post by Leitchy » Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:38 am

Well, I'd say your players are in deep deep doo-doo.


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Re: A Twist on the Sirion Silver Conspiracy

#3 Post by Peter the skald » Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:43 pm

Crikey. Drow. Makes a change from the balrog/demon avenue. And I thought my undead Viking raiders vs orcs was wacky.
Plots and schemes are the same thing..

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