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Peter Kreft
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#1 Post by Peter Kreft » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:43 am

I made a new compilation from all my utilities:

HARN Calendar is a simple App that converts HARN dates into our months and days.

HARN Combat is a Combat simulator with a database of nearly 100 foes.

HARN Daily weather generates the weather for 6 watches of 4 hours each.

HARN Encounter, Fair, Hunting contains all encounter tables from all modules and a simulation of the hunting rules.

HARN Montly Weather generates one month of weather and writes it into a .txt file with the name of the month.

HARN Pilot simulates all of the rules from the Pilots almanach, complete with weather and grounding.

HARN Skill right now contains only climbing and damage from falling, other skills will follow.

HARN Treasure generates treasure you find on dead bodies.

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