Ideas for an introduction to HM3 combat needed

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Re: Ideas for an introduction to HM3 combat needed

#51 Post by JRB » Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:39 am

In our game they seemed to like it - although the lower initiative ones were getting nervous at times.

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Re: Ideas for an introduction to HM3 combat needed

#52 Post by Eder » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:35 am

I hope I can use this thread to ask a simple, related question (we've switched to HM1 and a new campaign, but we've decided we'll wrap up our grand HM3 campaign with a few more sessions of mayhem and bloodshed):

Does a minor wound to an arm or leg trigger, respectively, a fumble or stumble roll in HM3?
In the damage tables, all arm and leg hits have the little diamond that suggests a fumble/stumble roll is needed.
On the other hand, in the combat section, it says that *serious* wounds trigger fumble/stumble rolls (and grievous wounds cause an automatic stumble/fumble).

If I look at the HM1 damage tables, it seems that minor wounds don't trigger fumble/stumble checks at all for edge/point weapons, and only "easy" checks for blunt weapons, so if I had to simplify the nuanced approach of HM1 for HM3 I'd say "don't check on M, check on S, automatically fail on G".

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