A Kaldoric Succession Crisis Article

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Re: A Kaldoric Succession Crisis Article

#126 Post by Leitchy » Fri May 12, 2017 11:25 am

Wow. That's a fairly comprehensive makeover of the entire island!

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Re: A Kaldoric Succession Crisis Article

#127 Post by MDMann » Fri May 12, 2017 5:10 pm

Thanks. One of my aims. All in a Harnic year. There's Melderyn and parts of Lythia to go. Lythia is relatively small, unlike Melderyn. Then I need to clean it all up, format it and open it for review/submission.
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Re: A Kaldoric Succession Crisis Article

#128 Post by MDMann » Sun May 14, 2017 7:41 am

Menglana is conquered by the Dagen of Ibaanvaal. Only Hilm holds out, which Dagen currently finds useful to send unruly subjects to seize as he consolidates his hold on his new dominions. Bits of the realm were carved off by Seldenbaal and Rogna which claimed the island of Hutheng. The Companions of Roving Doom and Pillar of Fire are wiped out, the Rognans being fierce Sarajinians. Their temples outside Hutheng are taken by the Crimson Dancer or other Agrikans. Most Menglanan refugees have joined their kin in Orbaal with much transportable wealth, where they outnumber the native Ivinians five to two.

Emelrene. Closely allied to Melderyn and with links to Chelemby, Shorkyne and Palithane. The taking of Menglana was inevitable and they follow Melderyni policy in Harn with Orbaal. Content to meddle subtly, they have increased their naval presence by enlarging the Royal fleet, mostly with armed merchantmen.

Harbaal. Clan Pelanby have expanded their realms, taking the much coveted town of Ketania, following the assassination of their king. The Pelanbys throughout western Lythia are greatly empowered, stronger than most nations. Many Harbaaleese have ventured to Hurisea where they oppose Shorkyni hegemony, but are being pushed steadily back. The Wolf of Harbaal lost a minor expedition to Keron island, blaming the witchery of Melderyn, though there's no evidence or claim of such. He casts his eye to Orbaal, still vulnerable despite its growing unity or east to the lands of

Chelemby. The Pelanbys have and their allies have set up additional Kantehausen in Orbaal and Alagon, expanding their trade. Their trader's face increasing piracy to the east of Harn, apparently well informed on their activities, probably by their Chelembian rivals. Nevertheless, they strengthen their grip on trade in the region. Chelemby itself is booming, with much immigration by Menglanan, Shorkyni and Harbaaleese refugees, many with little wealth. This has increased the Crowns revenues which is expanding its military garrisons and selling more concessions (increasing the available Navy). With population's rocketing additional fortifications are under construction across from the Cheler passage from Harbaal. Trade with Orbaal is ever growing despite increasing piracy.

Shorkyne. The Duke of Alagon is triumphant. His second son has been named Earl of Sherwyn in Orbaal (a relatively weak earldom) and married the niece of the Duke of Marby. Trade is increasing. He's conquered the neighbouring county of , increasing his votes in parliament at the expense of his rival faction the Ensels and the overstretch of his resources. This has come at considerable financial cost, mostly bribes to the King's faction in parliament. The Duchy of Ensel and Malniran of Shaplane have invaded Hurisea with the backing of the king and parliament where they compete against each other as they conquer the region for Shorkyne. With a royal army joining them, they make strong progress despite opposition from other regional powers. The king has doubled the size of royal guard and added a new cohort to the army from the increased taxes he's pushed through parliament with aids now set at eight per year and increased the size of the beaurocracy. However, his relative influence in parliament has decreased compared to Alagon and Ensel with no extra votes such as they have gained.

Hurisea. The major towns of Hurisea have unified and allied with each other to fight off Shorkyni domination. Even importing numerous mercenaries and accepting significant foreign aid it seems unlikely to succeed as they are pushed steadily back. Their only hope appears to be increased tension with Trierzon drawing off significant Shorkyni troops. Even then their chances seem bleak.

Palithane. Increased pirate activity off the gulf of Palithane is leading to increasing tension with Trierzon, who rightly blame Skagian and Batanan pirates. The Pelanbys have improved their trading position despite being less involved in the activities of their extended clan. They've promised aid where needed for the coming year but were slow to react this year.

Trierzon. Disputes between the Count of Halmo and his heir over preserving racial purity have led the Counts brother who supprts his son to accept a Barony in Kaldor. This has led to an increase in interest in this backwater realm and several settlers journeying there from Halmo.
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Re: A Kaldoric Succession Crisis Article

#129 Post by MDMann » Tue May 30, 2017 4:24 am


Melderyn is the largest, most populous and most powerful of the Harnic kingdoms, though that's not saying much. It's also the most interventionist in terms of its foreign policy (within Harn), where it favours a subtle understated policy, whilst appearing isolationist. It's been blessed with a long line of able monarchs of whom the current monarch, king Chunel is a good example, one of the most able in centuries where the battle is set high. They have a reputation for arcane power, which they carefully cultivate by neither confirming nor denying it. They're closely with Emelrene who take a similar position with northwest Lythia. The past year his been challenging for Melderyn with their resources badly stretched. Results have been mixed.

Solora. The Solori Crusade is finally over. The damaging attacks are ended and the Lady of Paladins put back into place. There's some resentment within the order but this has been mostly squashed and the malcontents exiled to Chybisia. Most resentment focuses on the church, Kaldor and the Solori. The Order has remained United, with an acceptable price of increased autonomy for the Kaldoric chapter (the alternative was independence). Usefully, the keep at Cundras has been reclaimed from the Order (a misstep from a rare week king). The Order has been somewhat mollified with some new manors on Keron island and north of Thay. This is still a major loss of territory and causes more resentment. The prospect of additional manors is held out as reward if they behave, now they hold considerably less lands than the Kaldoric chapter. The unstated threat is the loss of Fosumo keep. Fortunately the Kaldoric chapter has been granted no keeps. A good result for Melderyn.

Elorinar. The dissedent Earl of Harden has allied with one of the Chybisian Barons as his brother has married the heir to Aereben. This is a slightly concerning development, but merely bares watching as resources are prioritised elsewhere.

Keron island. The island was seized and colonised briefly by Harbaal against Melderyni expressed wishes. The left after a fortuitous minor eruption of Mount Keron caused a tsunami which devastated their fleet. This damaged settlements to the east of Thay but was a lucky development. Melderyn then claimed the island for herself and started construction of a keep at Belhafen. The island is fertile and rich in iron and fish. It should provide a good defence to Thay and safeguard trade. It makes trade outside Melderyn harder along the east coast of Harn which is a good thing. The pirates of the Sea of Ivae are of some concern and lead to the arming of merchantmen, though where they target other shipping they are conspicuously ignored and even allowed use of Melderyni ports (provided they meet other obligations such as landing Lythian goods at Cherafir). A stunningly good development.

Trade with Orbaal is ever growing despite increasing piracy. Shorkyne and Chelemby, particularly clan Pelanby of Alagon and Shorkyne are leading this. This is terrible news for Melderyn as they lose control of imports to Harn and significant leverage over exports, hurting their balance of trade and tax base. In response, they've been quietly providing information to the Pelanby alliances enemies on their trade routes, goods and operations. They've informed the Rognans of all the details they caneed of trade passing to Orbaal, letting them think they're trade rivals out to do their enemies a bad turn. Which is fairly accurate. This has slowed the growth of this trade but seems unlikely to reverse it.

Orbaal. The unification of Orbaal into semi autonomous Dukedoms suits Melderyni interests, though further unification does not. They've subtly encouraged this where they can. They're now building on the distrust between Duchies, inciting animosity. The stronger Orbaal is more able to resist Ibaanvaal when it becomes necessary, whilst their increasing animosity to Ibaanvaal and Rogna greatly reduces trade. This was deemed necessary as the conquest of Menglana by Ibaanvaal was deemed inevitable (and had some upsides, such as increased animosity with Orbaal and ending immigration from Menglana).

Dukedom of Fysse. Marby uniting with Zuden and Sherwyn creates a powerful Duchy in the northeast. This meets the designs of Melderyn. The acceptance of Larani and antagonism to the Agrikan Crimson Dancer also adds avenues for future manipulation and a deniable means of support whose level is closely controllable by Melderyn. Unfortunately the import of the second son of the Duke of Alagon as Earl of Sherwyn is less welcome, adding as it does a substantial increase in trade with Alagon and Chelemby, totally outside of Melderyni control. As such they've pushed Tawheim to remain independent (helped by Marby not pushing) and build a new keep in the mouth of the fjord as he claims the silver mines from the king. They also provide the pirates of Rogna with much information on targets through Arone (who are unaware of the source of their intelligence) to hit the shipping hard. This damages but does not halt trade, pushing up costs. The Duke organises a navy under the able Valhakar of Zuden to hunt pirates which is unwelcome and fortifies his coastal settlements (all of them) which is welcome. The Duke is also completing his seat in the continental style and building a core of professional warriors, both of which are positive. By encouraging the withholding of tribute it should be possible to build tension with Geldeheim next year, without quite going to war.

The Duke of Vaagel conquering Pled was expected if unwelcome as he is such a strong supporter of the king and the architect of the sack of Thay. He will doubtless settle his fjord next year. Their is little to be done as resources are better spent elsewhere, such as fuelling the King's paranoia about the strength of his vassals.

The king in Geldeheim remains weak, despite the influx of immigrants and conquest of Tandir, which suits Melderyn well. They have little influence there but seem to need little as the king continues to build his strength whilst alienating just about everybody with little need for prompting.

Arathel. Tursi Cyeen has colonised Morvilya Bay which is going well, building alliances with the Ymodi tribesmen against the Equani. He has also been actively involved in organising the Orbaaleese mercenaries and vikings going to Rethem. This is all viewed favourably by Melderyn, though it has had little hand in these events. It has actively supported Jarin rebels, though the rebellions at Pjagel and Vold seemed precipitous and we're duly crushed, many Jarin fleeing to Lerial and Pethwys. The Valhakar Orp, the leading minor clan of Pjagel married a minor Thayan priestess of Larani who's founded an abbey in a nearby ruined village. When she sent to Thay for settlers, Melderyn took advantage of this to encourage armed settlers. Her husband (encouraged by the tax revenues) then allowed a second village to be settled by the Lady of Paladins where Melderyn sent some malcontents and hot-heads. Orp then used these men and aided by Arathel overthrew Pjagel to seize the area. Melderyn has since supported these developments with additional armed settlers. The situation is precarious with opposition from the dispossessed clan, their Menglanan relations and their allies at Vold. Possibly the king. These were unexpected developments driven by an ambitious priestess (now Seloran) but whilst unstable suit Melderyn for now.

Quimen. The Crimson Dancer's have been named Kemelras of Orbaal with their betrayal of Tormau and seizure of Arketh. This is unwelcome, although Melderyn can work to keep the sisters in the west for now whilst their plans for Orbaal fruit.

In Lerial and Pethwys, the massive influx of refugees has led to expansion of holdings and fortification. Lord Wemyss of Pethwys has antagonised the king by giving refuge to his nephew Jorni, the King's son. So far the king has been too distracted to respond, but even with rebel help it seems likely that the king will crush him.

In Gedan, Melderyn has promised help in the event of rebellion but only if the rebels can secure a port. This means either taking Lorkin (and Sheese which defends it) or building a port at Gedan, which is bound to elicit a hostile response from Lorkin.

Arone is closely allied with Esobran the pirate and the pirates of Rogna to whom they openly provide a free port. Melderyn has used this to pass them details of trade sailing the Sea of Ivae which they have pillaged, much disrupting this trade, though they are unaware of the source of their intelligence.

The situation in Orbaal is fluid and developing and of great interest to Melderyn. The unification into stronger antagonistic Duchies follows the longheld plans developed since the Rape of Thay to better resist Ibaanvaal when they move on Orbaal. The antagonism with Menglana and Rogna is as designed. However, some of the weaker regions remain at risk from the king and should help conquer them, he risks uniting Orbaal. Of even greater concern is the growing trade with Alagon and Chelemby. The pirates help with this but are a short term measure.


Events in Rethem have not progressed nearly so well.

Tormau. The Earl of Tormau has failed in his bid for the throne and fled with his court to the Peran wilds. He's taken some troops with him and scattered others you operate as bandits, whilst others have taken refuge with the new Baron of Tirsa. The heir of the Earl of Nurisel has joined him after (wisely) escaping his adulation following the events in Solora, where some tried to proclaim him a living saint. Melderyns agent the (Duke of Hohnam's Seneschal) and considerable investment have fled with him. The king and his supporters are camped at Tormau overwinter, following their decisive victories after the Crimson Dancer and a portion of Tormau's Ivinians betrayed him to join the king. It's joined by a large force of Thardic mercenaries. This and the large sums borrowed from the Thardic Senate indicates a worrying alliance between the two realms.

Ithiko is again held by an ally of the king, though his elder brother and family have fled to Kanday under the protection of Prince Anaflas, Melderyns agent. Worship of Morgath has been reinstated and the temple turned back over to them from the Sarajinians. The brief improvements to the town have halted due a shortage of manpower and the settlement looks set to return to decay, though the new Earl is less fanatical than his father.

Arketh. The Crimson Dancer hold the keep and consolidate their new domains. The surviving Companions of Roving Doom have sought sanctuary with and joined the Warriors Of Mameka who allied with the Dancer. Their numbers are stretched with so many in Orbaal or in Golotha, but they are actively recruiting.

Golotha was sacked twice and the Kandian force was able to insert large numbers of informants before they left with their plunder. Unfortunately, the Morgathian insurrection and independence collapsed, since a Morgathian city-state would have suited Melderyn well. They balance of power within the city has shifted with the Mamakens more firmly entrenched and the king more influential, both at the expense of the Morgathians. However, the church continues to dominate and they've used the occasion to eliminate internal opposition and spies from Meokolis. Melderyn is considering sending them additional aid so that they can recreate the theocracy.

Chatka, Henwe and Weseda have all joined Kanday which is just as planned. However, Hyen, Omnis and Thiri remain in Rethemi hands though Hyen looks vulnerable to Kanday.

Thameson has been seized by the Thardic Republic, as the Cohorts of Gashang and Order of the Eight Daemons has defected to the Republic. The Cohorts have formed the core of the new cohort centered there. This is awful news as it removes the main bone of contention between Tharda and Rethem, greatly setting back Melderyni plans.

Events in Rethem have progressed poorly. The realm is now united under the king and likely to crusade south soon. An alliance with the Republic seems likely. Melderyn is still of the opinion that Rethem is doomed as a nation and would prefer it to be swallowed by Kanday than the Republic. If not stopped the aggressive Republic is likely to conquer the west in time as Rethem cannot endure.

Thardic Republic. Melderyn continues to destabilise the Senate as it can but the recent Amaral road project and seizure of Themeson look set to accelerate Republican expansionist policy. The gold of Iracu looks set to fund this.

Kanday. The King is more firmly in control of his realm and has gained new lands, but this still looks insufficient you resist a combined Rethemi and Thardic assault as the king prevaricates over reinforcing his borders. Melderyn continues to seed agents there to help resist the inevitable attacks.

Chybisia. The strengthening of Chybisia suits Melderyn as Verlid remains terrified of the wizards Isle (with some cause) and it helps protect it as a buffer state against Kaldoric adventurism. The alliance between the Chancellor and the Earl of Harden is of some concern but appears manageable as both are opportunists by nature. The Lady of Paladins exiles relocation to Chybisia is also of some concern but Verlid looks liable to neutralise them shortly after using them for his own purpose. To be certain, Melderyn has informed the Solori of their exposed location, so that hot-heads can eliminate the issue or refocus it upon the Solori if they fail.

Azadmere. The expansion of Azadmere and destruction of two gargun nests appears to be a positive development. Melderyn has no agents present their but has open lines of communication and a practical monarch. The current reduction of the orcish threat is a benefit and the king and Prince are both sensibly resisting further expansion as they consolidate.

Kaldor. Melderyn is largely pleased with developments here, though there are lots of implications to work through.

Astaroc as king mostly suits them. He's an academic and follows Save K'Norr (though not religiously) and unlike most they're aware he's Shek Pvar. Which suggests he'll show disinterest and follow inward looking policies where he does at all. He's likely to allow his ministers to rule which leads to somewhat weak government. The multiple assassination attempts are highly concerning, though the assassins clearly didn't know of his mystic skills, and Melderyn is now actively investigating this together with other troubling indications of outside interference that came to light during the crisis.

The continuation of the Royal appointments for the most part is good. The replacement of various incompetents with Shek Pvar is a mixed blessing as it makes Kaldor more arcanely formidable but also more insular. Lady Risai as a member of the Gentle Order of the White Hand is an interesting development, substantialy increasing their influence in Kaldor. It merely means taking even more care in the country.

Tashal. The increased size of the high guard and watch and general increase in military power throughout Kaldor is a concern, though long predicted. Forces should atrophy again with a period of relative peace as Lord's reduce their spending. Melderyn has managed to insert a whole company of agents posing as mercenaries to influence events. Thier highly placed and effective agent Erila Kaphin has managed to maintain her position undetected and remains an asset. Her son remains a non entity.

Cheselyne. Another less than ideal but acceptable monarch. She did improbably well during the crisis and manged to strengthen her position afterwards. Still a dark horse for the Crown.

Whyce. The Soylana council have elected to remain with the parent order in Melderyn. Though more independent they remain subject to the Melderyni branch. They stayed out of the succession crisis, alienating none and hitting the Paegellin hard. This is an ideal set of results for Melderyn. They're extremely pleased with these events.

Olokond. Maldan as Earl is an acceptable outcome as it lessens the power of the king. It's regrettable he's been legitimised and has been an effective commander as he would be a poor king for Melderyn, though acceptable one, and has improved his prospects for the next council.

Qualdris. The return of Sedris Meleken will need factoring into plans. They new keep under construction at the junction of the Osel and Ilmen rivers is unwelcome as it further threatens the buffer state of Chybisia in time.

Kiban. The Earl of Balim hasn't moved on the throne xnd hasn't appeared to want to. This suits Melderyn. However, with the resurrection of the earldom of Olokond and subsequent loss of power of the Crown Melderyn remains concerned the wily Earl still has designs on the throne as the objections of the other magnates of a concentration of royal power are reduced. He has also gained a great deal of wealth which he and his followers are investing in their fiefs and developing new manors.

Etoss. Conwan Elendsa has failed to take the throne. Melderyns preferred candidate was likely to pursue inward looking policies. However he has had his oath rescinded to the church, though at what cost? He also gained a crenellation license for Etoss and a handful of manors, raising him to baronial status. He remains the candidate of choice for the Crown when it next falls vacant and clear favourite despite his frequent military losses (which have severely damaged his candidacy).

The new Baron Parel Arcona of Chelena is the worst result of the crisis for Melderyn. Slightly mollified when they learn of the poor relations with his brother the count of Halmo, this is scant consolation as he sends to his former holding of Horaga for immigrants. Worse, they bring advanced farming technology and techniques with them. The strong alliance with Conwan and his exposure to the Kath stays their hand for now. Besides, the damage is mostly done.

Osel bridge. Events at Osel bridge are mixed at best. On the one hand the pushing back of the Paegellin is a good thing, improving trade. That's about all that's good though. The Oselmarshal Orsin Firith has won great renown pushing them back in what looks like a brilliant campaign with very light casualties. Aggressive and with his eye on Chybisia he would have been the worst choice of king and would have required killing, though he didn't appear very interested in taking the throne. His interest lies in conquering Chybisia and punishing the Paegellin, which his recent victories help. He'll be occupied for a few years building a keep at Osel bridge and securing the border. Unfortunately settlement means he'll have more forces to do so and hit Chybisia in turn. The fortification of Chybisia will help, but Melderyn calculates it's not enough against just the forces the Baron of Kobe can muster now. He's also convincingly crushed his mercantile opposition whilst gaining mercantile support. The Lady of Paladins haven't made advances but remain allied with the Marshal.

Trobridge. The elevation of Kurson Ondailis as Kaldoric Lord of Trobridge and the defeat of Thardic ambitions is an ideal result for Melderyn stymieing the Republic as it does. Better, the battle was commanded by thier preferred candidate Conwan Elendsa, burnishing his much tarnished military reputation.

Phew. All done. Please give feedback for the writeup.
Per Sir Veer.

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