Search Downloads is moving!

OK, now that I’ve got your attention, I’m in the process of moving and the Harnforum (and hence, Harshlands too) to a virtual private server.

The addition of a substantial number of new members, both from Harshlands and since GenCon 2017, has put a strain on the old shared hosting server, and I’ve been getting an increasing number of notices from the hoster about poor performance. The solution is to move from shared hosting to my own virtual private server (VPS).

This increased the cost of the hosting, but for right now, I’ll absorb that cost. I might look at doing a Patreon arrangement, but I need to investigate that more to see that it’s not just handing them a heap of money for no real gain on our side.

Anyway, the move from the shared server to the VPS is happening now, so you MAY experience some disruptions for a few hours.

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