Royal Court of Kanday

June 14, 2018

Who pulls the strings in Kanday’s government? Who are the lords and ladies that advise the king, investigate felonies, supervise the realm’s spies, and make sure that there is always enough venison for his majesty’s table? The earls, barons, and bishops are well-known from canon publications, but the official sources are rather quiet about the people holding the high offices in the royal government.

This 8-page article gives details on the holders of office and includes drawn illustrations of twelve of the most important persons in the Royal Court of Kanday.

by Bernhard Bihler

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Medrik New Row

April 17, 2018

Located in the Medrik District of Tashal, the New Row is a collection of three houses built along the River Wall.  The central building is an imposing stone warehouse and home.  It is the residence and business of Tashal’s premier wine merchant, Master Satris of Tichmar.

The article includes large scale plans and descriptions for the wine merchant’s house, the smithy, and local Peonian.  It also includes details on the local residents, the wine business and fire in Tashal.  The article concludes with a full page of adventure hooks to assist the GM.

by Kerry Mould

Medrik New Row Download

Spells: Burning Wheel

April 1, 2018

Two spell books converted from The Burning Wheel RPG to HârnMaster format; the Eustace Grimoire and The Delorem Book of Songs. The latter could be a Sindarin artefact and to successfully cast these spells, the Singing skill should be used in place of the skill of the individual spell.

by Justin McLeod

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Map: Emesa Hundred

April 1, 2018

Part 22 of 22 in the series Dark Rethem

This map was drafted to support the development of the Emesa article and is posted following some interest from members of the community.

by Alun Rees







Map: Emesa Hundred Download

City Catchup for HarnMaster

April 1, 2018

A process and tables for generating what has happened to characters living in cities ‘in-between’ adventures or when wintering. The article, based on the HârnMaster rules, provides player characters emerging from their time off adventuring with a story to tell and a possible change in fortune, for better or worse. It is essentially an adaptation of the old Runequest City catch up process made applicable to a Hârn setting, and using HârnMaster mechanics.

As well as a PDF, the download contains the original Microsoft Word document in case GMs wish to modify the tables for their own campaign.

by Roderick Hill

City Catchup for HarnMaster Download



April 1, 2018

This is about the underwater Earthmaster city of Ridow, and what follows is one possible description of the city.

The city has four airlocks and one is attached to the tunnel leading to Gyzem island. Once you enter you will see a very tall tower reaching up until it touches the very top of a shimmering translucent dome. The dome is circular, is over 1600’ high at the center, and laid out in the form of a spoked wheel with a bridge extending from the center of the tower to the dome wall. Below the bridges are large areas of land where animals wander about.

There is a lot of area to explore; onward and happy hunting.

by Daniel Etrone

Ridow Download

Future Harn – 722

April 1, 2018

The foundations of the Kaldoric succession crisis were laid many years before, during the reign of King Torastra. He was a vigorous, militaristic king and his first son and heir, Haldan, was the same. But his second son was of a frail and intellectual bent. Young Prince Miginath was a great romantic and at age 20 he fell in love with a beautiful commoner, Lesil Harabor, insisting he would have no one else for his bride. And so were sown the seeds of disaster…

This article is a synthesis from many different sources of how individual and important individuals and groups in Kaldor may view the succession crisis. The material in this article is based largely on the information in Edward Barach’s analysis of the crisis in Thonahexus #9. Extensive use has been made of Jonathan Nicholas’s Great Clans of Kaldor and Kerry Mould’s Lady of Paladins articles. It draws heavily on The Earls Progress, Asolade Hundred (and A Shower of Silver), the Nelafyn Hundred project and Fethael Hundred by Joe Adams. A similar article detailing the succession crisis by Paul Strack was the inspiration for this article. His description of the role of Migray Hosath is particularly important, as are many of the motives and descriptions of the main contenders and military dispositions of the factions (which have been amended slightly).

This article is not only heavily reliant on those excellent works, but also on the Kaldor articles from Columbia games and NRC’s original writings, along with random material from a multitude of other canon and fanon articles. Some of the elements of the scenario, particularly Miginath and Troda Dariune’s motives, are solely the author’s interpretation.

Additional information about shadowy agents operating far in the background to influence the succession crisis is also presented, for those GMs that want a deeper backstory for their campaign.

The outline is written as if the year is TR722. Any errors are the author’s alone. The download contains a PDF and the original Microsoft Word document, in case GMs want to edit the content to suit their own game.

by Michael Mann

Future Harn - 722 Download


The Venerable James Harn Material

January 27, 2018

In late 2015, the HarnForum sadly lost one of its stalwart members; James Watson, AKA The Venerable James. Although he didn’t not choose to have the Harn material he created published here on, he did have his own website. When news of his passing reached us, Matt Roegner copied all of the Harn material on James’ site before it disappeared.

That consolidated archive file is now made available here for all to share. None of the material has been edited in any way, except that it is in PDF format and each filename is labelled with James’ initials.

The files are listed below for reference. Enjoy.

  • Apprenticeships and Nurture on Harn
  • Azeryan Money
  • Coatarms
  • Custom Armor
  • Extended Size & Weight Tables and Horse Armor
  • Gargun
  • Hair and Eye Color
  • HarnMaster 2nd Edition Corrections
  • HarnMaster Bestiary
  • Heraldry
  • Maritime Tables
  • Marnia
  • Mernat
  • Modifications Appearance and Physical Characteristics
  • Pinda
  • Plot Lines
  • Realism and Getting your Ass to Azadmere
  • Reksyni
  • Shek-Pvar Spells
  • Ships
  • Weapons Production

by James Watson

Venerable James Material Download


Tashal: Medrik – SE

January 27, 2018

Medrik Southeast City Block is located in Tashal, and consists of 10 buildings that are home to a mixed population of lesser nobility, government officials, guildsmen, and even a few laborers. The most prominent resident is Tarkin Hirnen, Lord Chancellor of Kaldor. Many are full of secrets. The twenty page article contains full plans for each building by Matt Leber, heraldry, layout by Brent Bailey, and Richard’s Luschek’s fantastic art.

by Matt Roegner

Tashal: Medrik - SE Download


January 27, 2018

Baronet’s or ‘little barons’ are those rich knights, typically holding several manors, who can afford to knight all their children, not just the heirs. Baronets represent a tricky thing for their lieges. On the one hand they’re more politically and militarily powerful than their other followers, often with that power concentrated within one or two neighbouring hundreds.

by Michael Mann

Baronets Download


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