Sastaz’s Peleahn Grimoire

June 26, 2014

Sastaz was a Peleahn Shenava who was raised and schooled in a small remote chantry in the forests of northern Kaldor. Right after his promotion to Shenava in 712 TR the chantry was attacked by unknown forces and most of members fled or were killed. Rumor has it one of the Shenavas sought to increase her own powers by striking a bargain with The Emperor of Flame. Raised in the wilderness, Sastaz’ magic aims for survival, be it striking the enemy or escaping him. A recently discovered copy of his grimoire has shed some additional light on this brave warrior mage.

by Mattias Lejbrink

Sastaz Grimoire Download


Comprehensive Pricelists

June 24, 2014

A useful aide for any GM, these pricelists are all fairly comprehensive, drawing together prices from many places. GMs should use these as a kind of price indication, actual prices charged could vary up or down depending on season, competition, supply, the seller’s greed and the buyer’s bargaining skills. Download them all and pick the one you like best.

Comprehensive Pricelist Download
The first pricelist is in MS Word format, which allows GMs to add and change prices to suit themselves.
by Alan Nelson

HM1 Pricelist Download
The second pricelist was put together from information in the first edition of the HârnMaster rules. It is a PDF file.
by Patrick Nilsson

Leitchy's Prices Download
The final pricelist is also a compilation and formatted for my own personal convenience. Some prices in this version are slightly higher than in the others. It is in both MS Word and PDF format, for even more convenience.
by Leitchy

Major Knights of Melderyn

June 15, 2014

Part 2 of 4 in the series Heraldry

The major knights of Melderyn are the bailiffs or constables of keeps, holding these strongholds for the Great Clans (qv) of the kingdom. Others are sheriffs/constables appointed by the king. Some are also members of the Great Clans themselves or holders of significant manors. The other knights here are leaders of families who control the most manors and/or acreage in the kingdom of Melderyn. As a bonus, there are also two princes of the House of Toron and Rickar Hocht, the Emelrenian knight who married into the royal clan.

by Matt Roegner

Major Knights of Melderyn Download


Templates: Weather Journal

June 15, 2014

These are blank journals, by month, for Kethiran weather reports. They are prepared in Microsoft Word 2003; they should open without difficulty into any version of Word up to MS Word 2010. Porting into OfficeLibre loses some data and formatting.

The journal pages are presented in hínyaèl (half-month), with days broken into six watches. The watches are themselves color-coded to denote the amount of daylight available during the shift, and this changes with the seasons. Grey denotes night watches, a lighter grey denotes twilight watches (only experienced during spring and fall), and yellow denotes day watches.

I use the space immediately to the right of the date for sunrise and sunset times. However, my times are known to be inaccurate; I have left it for the user to provide his own almanac, or notes, or blank as he or she sees fit. I have removed the form fields to facilitate rapid data entry.

The icons beneath the dates denote the full moon (Yaélah) and new moon (Yaélmor), as well as the religious days per the Harn Religious Calendar (CGI 9951),

by Konnel Damiano

Templates Weather Journal Download