Astronomy of Kèthîra

February 14, 2014

The Celestial Realm, fully described

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of Astronomy of Kèthîra.

This publication includes two major articles covering both the physical astronomy of the Kèthîran system, as well as the social and cultural aspects of Astrology across Kèthîra. The module also includes a Java-based computer program to enable the generation of star maps, charts, and full horoscopes.

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Hârnic Currencies

February 10, 2014

This article contains a good deal of information about currencies in Hârn, with every effort made to draw upon Medieval European examples and translate them into the Hârn setting, all while respecting and accommodating existing canon. The article details the operation of Royal Mints, Counterfeiting, Usury, the Lore skill of Numismatics for Hârnmaster, and an easy-to-use system for GMs incorporating numismatics.  It also contains comment on the philosophy of money in Hârn, details a seminal text on numismatics for Lythia, and describes 30 rare coins that might turn up in a character’s latest haul—if they have the wit and skill to notice!

by Darius West

Harnic Currencies Download


Morvrin Errata

February 8, 2014

The Morvrin, Morgathian undead are perhaps the most horrific of opponents within the milieu.  Unfortunately, the canon information is unclear, confusing, and in many cases contradictory.  This article hopes to clear up some of the confusion, adds advice for GM’s and provides my own perspective on how these creatures interact with players in the game.

by J. Patrick McDonald

Morvrin Errata Download


Summoning Spells

February 6, 2014

This article contains four neutral spells for the summoning, binding, and control of spirits from Yashain.

by Conal Smith

Summoning Spells Download


Demons and Divine Servants

February 4, 2014

This 13 page bestiary article provides general information on demons, divine servants, and other dwellers on Yashain. In addition, details are provided for the 8 types of V’hir and two types of Gytevsha.

by Conal Smith

Demons and Divine Servants Download


Astaroc’s Townhouse

February 2, 2014

Astaroc Cranelson, a brilliant and accomplished Odivshe Viran, has recently retired to the townhouse in Tashal which he inherited from his aunt. An epileptic royal bastard, Astaroc has never been recognized by the monarchs of Kaldor as family, but that hasn’t really bothered him. Pursuing his art almost to the exculsion of all else, Astaroc could yet play a role in the Kaldoric succession. This ten-page article includes a history of this unusual NPC, plans and descriptions for his townhouse, eight new Odivshe spells, and artwork by Richard Luschek.

by Matt Roegner

Astarocs Townhouse Download