Ubael House

November 25, 2013

Ubael House is the Tashal residence of Karsin Ubael, Baron of Uldien. The house is a somewhat worn-out but comfortable townhouse in the Medrik district. This 10-page article details the house along with its residents both living and (mostly) dead. Meet fashion-victim Sir Tonan Yaronne, his conscientious wife Lady Enlyn, and the hidden star of Ubael House: Sir Crowsalot! Complete with numerous plot hooks, artwork by Bernhard Bihler, maps & plans, heraldry by Matt Roegner, and lay-out by Brent Bailey, it is another location in Kaldor’s capital enriching your game experience.

by Gina Bihler

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St Vusa and the Mice

November 10, 2013

Presented here for the pleasure of fellow Harniacs is a Peonian ritual invocation, inclusive of its background, a brief history of the saint of Peoni that gave the ritual its name, and HarnMaster 3rd mechanics in the standard sidebar format. This is a two page article for a Peonian ritual invocation, inspired by the CGI article on rodents (COL #4635). Ritual invocations are an illustration of the close association between a priest and his/her deity, and so should have appropriate history and character.

Art used with the generous permission of CGI and Richard Luscheck, editing by Brent Bailey, and learned comments from some right decent fellow Harniacs.

by Shawn Bond

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Lake Lelanas

November 10, 2013

Lake Lelanas lies within the Hemura Forest in Kaldor’s Meselynshire, just south of the Fur Road. The lake is sacred to the Derwan Taelda tribe and marks the center of their territory. Tensions are high between the Derwan and the crews at the salt mine west of the lake. The lake is surrounded by marshland and forest rich with insects and game, while fish abound in the lake and nearby rivers. The lake is home to some supernatural beings and is often surrounded by an eerie gloom that makes the nearby trees glisten and spark.

by Mattias Lejbrink

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