Neutral Tome Spells

May 27, 2013

During the converstion from the original HârnMaster spell tome books to the consolidated HârnMaster 3 magic rules (published in HârnMaster Magic), a number of Neutral spells were left out for various reasons; usability, complexity, space considerations and so on. This download contains those spells from the Neutral tome that were left out. They have been modified to accord with the HM3 spell complexities and descriptions but otherwise unchanged.

by J. Patrick McDonald & Timo Hanschke

Spells Neutral Tome Download


Free Harn City Plans (Cherafir Alienage)

May 22, 2013


Columbia Games News
HarnWorld edition
May 21, 2013


32 pages full color with new full color plans.



CherafirCherafir is the capital city and principal port of the Kingdom of Melderyn. The city is well fortified and its strong citadel is the main residence of the king. Known as the “Mages’ City,” Cherafir is seen by most as a bizarre anomaly, prone to strange happenings and inhabited by weird entities. While largely fictitious, this reputation is promoted by the inhabitants. Cherafir is the most cosmopolitan of Hârnic towns, particularly its dock-side foreigners’ quarter known as the Alienage. Cherafir has always been a city of scholars. Dozens of secret societies of practicioners of various arcane arts have their headquarters here.

Cherafir offers game masters many opportunities, both as the site of urban intrigue and adventure and as a gateway to the continent of Lythia.

The Cherafir article contains an overview of the city’s history, economics, religion, government, and military forces. In addition to a full-page color player map, color GM maps are provided for each district of the city and more than 160 locations are described. Color floor plans are included for the entire Alienage, as are full descriptions and color floor plans of the Chantry of the Guild of Arcane Lore and the College of Heralds.


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Imrium Castle Kiban Castle Rodents Rabbits
Imrium Castle stands on a rocky crag in the shadow of the Rayesha Mountains, The castle is held by the Imrium Cohort of the Thardic Republic’s Gerium Legion and protects a town made wealthy by its role in the salt trade, the source of much of the republic’s income.

The Imrium Castle article describes the settlement’s history, government, religion, and economics, with special attention to the lucrative salt trade. Detailed descriptions of craftsmen and other locations in the settlement are included, as well as full-color GM and player maps and complete floor plans for the castle, the residence of the district legar, the ruined temple of Agrik, and the Cave of Avathos, where surplus salt is stored and, legends say, an ancient crypt is hidden.

Kiban is the second largest settlement in the Kingdom of Kaldor and the principal seat of Clan Dariune, the Earls of Balim. Kiban was a small agricultural castle town not many years ago but is now an emerging center of trade, especially in weapons and jewelry from the dwarven Kingdom of Azadmere. Earl Troda Dariune is Kaldor’s Chancellor of the Exchequer and a cousin of the king. He has powerful allies, including key clerics, as well as many enemies.

The Kiban Castle article describes the settlement’s history, government, religion, and economics, and provides details for some of the craftsmen and other locations. Includes full-color GM and player maps as well as complete floor plans for Caer Kiban, the earl’s castle.

Rodents are the most numerous of all mammals. They are very adaptable and are found in practically every environment on the Misty Isles. Some species, especially mice, voles, and rats, survive at the bottom of the food chain by their sheer fecundity.

Rodents is a bestiary article. It describes the habitat and physical attributes of Hârnic rats, beavers, and squirrels, with full HârnMaster stats. Also included are rules for rodent infestations.

Rabbits originate around the Venarian Sea. The Jarin and later Lythian settlers brought rabbits with them to Hârn as food animals; over time, they escaped into the wild and have spread throughout the island, although predators generally keep their numbers in check. Hares are relatives of rabbits; however, they do not live in burrows and instead rely on speed to escape.

Rabbits is a bestiary article. It describes the habitat and physical attributes of Hârnic rabbits and hares, with full HârnMaster stats.


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Weasels Bestiry Article
Telen Castle (Tharda)
Spirit Folk Bestiary Article
Clord #20 (woodcrafter)
Thay #B9 (jeweller)

HARNCON – 10th Anniversary in Vancouver, Canada.

HârnCon 10th Anniversary – July 5-7, 2013 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

HârnCon returns to Vancouver this summer! The convention will be held at the Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel, where we have a spacious room booked for three full days of Hârn gaming. Columbia Games will be participating and we hope to see you there too!

For more information please contact Brian McNeilly ( or follow this thread on the HârnForum for all the latest news:


Harn Map
Hârn map pdf file.

The classic map that enthralled a generation of Hârn fans is now available in electronic format for the first time.

This beautiful color map (22″ x 34″ printed) covers an area of approximately 600 x 900 miles, including the entire island of Hârn and numerous nearby smaller islands. It depicts the full range of terrain types as well as civilized areas. All castles, keeps, and cities are indicated, as are major roads. The map is overlaid with a 25-league square grid and a 5-league hex grid for easy reference.

The PDF also features a 22″×34″ HârnWorld poster, which includes a cultural/political map of Hârn as well as examples of the various maps, floor plans, illustrations, and text found in the many HârnWorld products published by Columbia Games.


It’s official!  Columbia Games will be at GenCon 2013! 

Columbia Games will once again have a booth at Gen Con this year. We have a lot of exciting new products and a growing list of old products being republished in our new colorful layout.

Join in the fun – August 2013.

GM Walt McAtee is planning a Harn event called The Red Caravan Saturday (8/17) @ 10:00 AM.
Details are online at:

To view the event description on click here (you must log-in to

Columbia Games block games and Slapshot events are also planned.




You can now buy PDF versions of many Hârn products.




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Manor Templates

May 8, 2013

Page templates with hex grids at different scales in both A4 and Letter formats and in Black and White and greyscale. Layer information has been included so you can turn off anything you don’t want.

by Richard Woollacott

Manor Templates Download


Eastside Chapel

May 8, 2013

This one page article describes a small chapel of Peoni dedicated to Maermel, the Lord of Labor, in the Eastside section of Tashal.  It includes a brief description of the priests and how they deal with the problems of the Eastside.

by Jonathan Nicholas

Eastside Chapel Download


Greatclans of Chybisa

May 8, 2013

Part 4 of 5 in the series Greatclans

This article describes the genealogy of each of the six Greatclans of the Kingdom of Chybisa.  Each Greatclan has an individual two page article with text describing the history of the clan and its current members, a family tree showing up to the last 120 years of the clan’s history with intermarriages and the clan’s heraldry. The article is laid out such that when printed double sided the text describing the clan’s history will appear facing the clan’s family tree.

Greatclans of Chybisa continues the series of articles that details the most noble houses in each of the kingdoms on the island of Hârn.

by Jonathan Nicholas

Greatclans of Chybisa Download