Maps & Locations

March 26, 2013

Each of these downloads is just a single page PDF containing a map or floorplan, and they can be used anywhere in any game system. There is a map of a bandit’s hideout, where the entrance is hidden behind a waterfall. There is a floorplan of an inn, but if the top floors are ignored, it could be used as a simple tavern. And finally there is a floorplan for a weaponcrafters shop. All the maps a beautifully executed in the Hârn style.

by Thomas Shook

Maps & Locations: Hideout Download Hideout

Maps & Locations: Tavern or Inn Download Tavern/Inn

Maps & Locations: Weaponcrafter Download Weaponcrafter


Geology of Hârn

March 25, 2013

What are the rocks that lie underneath all the kingdoms of Hârn? Why is there a salt mine at this particular location? Why is Lake Benath so big? This article attempts to reconcile the information from the maps and canon writings of HârnWorld with real-world geology. Sometimes that’s a difficult thing to do because Hârn is in fact too regular and too disparate at the same time.

With colourful maps and solid explanations, this is an invaluable aide to GMs and of interest to players. The Geology of Harn is a worthy edition to anyone’s collection.

by pokep

Geology of Harn Download


Changes to RSS Feeds

March 24, 2013

G’day all. For the few subscribers who use an RSS feed to keep up with articles from and posts from the HârnForum, I’ve made some changes to the addresses of the feeds. You can find all the information on the About > RSS Feeds page, but the summary is that I’ve stopped using Feedburner for a couple of reasons.

The first and most important reason is that I don’t need to see who is following what. There are no commercial pressures on me to increase website revenue (there are none) or see who clicks on advertising space (again, there are none). Secondly, Feedburner seems to be just another way for Google to capture statistics on what people do on the Intertubes, and I’ll be damned if I’ll give them any more of my (or your) information if I can avoid it. So I’ll be killing off the Feedburner feeds in a couple of weeks, so make sure to visit the About > RSS Feeds page and update your feeds.

Beside, Google killed off their Reader, so they can just get stuffed as far as I’m concerned.

For those of you who do use an RSS feed aggregator for other reasons, the RSS feed from, and especially the Forum, is a great way to keep current. It would be nice if web-based RSS readers would put individual posts into threads, sorted oldest to newest, but we can’t have everything.


March 24, 2013

Gedan is a small village in northwest­ern Kaldor administered by a reeve on behalf of the Rekela of Nurez.  It lies less than a league northwest of Abriel Abbey in Nelafayn Hundred and serves to generate income for the the Abbey. Maranoth of Kelis, the beadle and only yeoman, has the largest farm in Gedan.  At 60 acres, his holding easily doubles that of any other tenant.  As such, the Kelis clan operates what is, in effect, a manor within a manor.  This detail can be used by GMs as an example of what a prominent tenant’s holding might look like.

by Seth Seyfried

Gedan Download


Atlas Keléstia – Emélrenè Map

March 12, 2013

Lands between the Es; ancient and perilous realm…

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of the Atlas Keléstia – Emélrenè Map.

This map covers the kingdom of Emélrenè, as well as the surrounding regions and realms, including the island of Mèlderýn, the Shôrka duchy of Álagon, and the northern reaches of Palíthanè.

This map is intended to support our forthcoming Kingdom of Emélrenè publication.

To learn more about the Atlas Keléstia – Emélrenè Map and to make a purchase, go to: