Summa Venâriva – a social history of Venârivè

May 27, 2012

Introducing a whole new in-depth guide to the social, religious, political and economic history of Venârivè.

For the first time, Keléstia Productions is proud to provide an extensive 130 page detailed description of the historical trends and forces that have shaped Venârivè, and which thus provides an important resource for richer, deeper roleplaying and game development.

This publication is provided in an extended essay format, both as PDF document and in two eBook formats. It includes a number of useful maps and an extensive index and glossary. It is an important addition to the Venârivè Northwestern Lýthia module.

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Major Knights of Kaldor

May 15, 2012

Part 1 of 4 in the series Heraldry

The major knights of Kaldor are the bailiffs or constables of keeps, who hold these strongholds for the Great Clans (qv) of the kingdom. Others are sheriffs appointed by the king. Some are members of the Great Clans themselves. The other knights here are leaders of families who control the most significant manors and/or acreage in the kingdom of Kaldor.

Note: This file has been updated with a new color palette and layout; you should perhaps consider downloading this file again.

by Matt Roegner

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Will In The Way

May 12, 2012

Located to the southwest of Olokand in the Kingdom of Kaldor, this adventure involves tensions between two feudal lords over a grant of land from one to the other. This is a game of information gathering and political intrigue, although combat and subterfuge play their part. It is one of the many modules of the Nelafayn Hundred Project. As written, it directly involves the fiefs of Goffin and Henewes but can be adapted to any feudal realm. Illustrated by Richard Luschek.

by Dan Bell

Will In The Way Download