Manor List By Kingdom

November 17, 2008

Dedicated GMs will consider this an invaluable reference; it lists all manors within the kingdoms on the island of Hârn. Each kingdom has been given its own spreadsheet, and the manors are listed in alphabetic order within that page.

by Andy Gibson

Manor List by Kingdom Download


Ezar’s War

November 15, 2008

Fifteen years of conflict, thousands of soldiers and four monarchs dead, all because of one man’s ego. Ezar’s War began with a raid on Imiden Keep by the Copper Hook and grew until it encompassed all of Kanday and her allies in a long and destructive war with Rethem.

This module was originally written to accompany the unofficial Selvos material. It is now the official canonical account of Ezar’s War.

by Kerry Mould

Ezars War Download