Hârn Pottage II

October 26, 2008

Part 2 of 4 in the series Harn Pottage

The second installment of the Hârn Pottage series follows its predecessor’s style. Places, arcane objects, dangerous situations and a new creature fill these 30 pages for your enjoyment. Superbly illustrated by Richard Luschek.

by Mike St-Pierre

Hârn Pottage II Download


Chélemby City Pre-release Download

October 25, 2008

Keléstia Productions is pleased to provide a pre-release download for the upcoming Chélemby City module. This multi-layer map covers the Town Hall (En Téstradhem) of the city of Chélemby. It is the headquarters for the committee (Téstrad) of the Chélemby parliament that runs the city; and includes the offices of the Mayor, Harbourmaster and Bondmaster, as well as the Captain of the City Watch.

This colour PDF file can now be downloaded from www.kelestia.com.

Friends, Foes & Followers — Uthriem Roliri

October 22, 2008

Part 8 of 14 in the series Friends, Foes & Followers

Uthriem Roliri Edition

This collection of NPCs is meant to complement the Uthriem Roliri article from CGI. The Uthriem Roliri is a brotherhood of human woodsmen. As followers of Siem, the group’s driving purpose is to protect the wilderness and its wildlife. Despite sharing a common body of beliefs and goals, there is considerable diversity among the members.

The goal of this NPC collection is to illustrate that diversity by giving examples of Uthriem Roliri members with different ranks, genders, ages, social status, occupations, religious backgrounds, and locations. The NPCs follow the format of the “Friends, Foes & Followers” series and features illustrations, descriptions, and statistics. The NPCs include:

  • a teenage woodward (Apprentice)
  • a Fyvrian Shek Pvar (Apprentice)
  • a scout for Fur Road caravans and pilgrim groups (Ranger)
  • a cartographer and Salt Route scout (Ranger)
  • a huntsman along the Silver Way (Ranger)
  • a royal forester (Ranger)
  • a bounty hunter who specializes in the undead (Ranger)
  • a shepherd with a secret identity (Ranger)
  • a cleric who is a healer and herbalist (Guardian)
  • a cleric who ministers to an outlaw community (Guardian)
  • a noble bailiff (Warden)
  • a hermit with a storied past (Warden)

by Brent Bailey

Friends, Foes & Followers - Uthriem Roliri Download


2 Cities

October 6, 2008

Presented here are two walled city maps for use in your fantasy world. One is a desert slave market city, rich from the slave trade and renowned for its gladiatorial schools. The second is a cosmopolitan city with many interesting landmarks. A huge graveyard to the west of the city holds many clan mausoleums which descend deep underground. A walled off section of the city which is in ruin under the control of a demon in the bowels of an abandoned temple.  Both cities add an element of peril for visiting foreigners, enjoy both.

Although neither are directly related to any HârnWorld city, they could be used almost anywhere.

by Mike St-Pierre

2 Cities Download