Bastune House

June 25, 2017

Bastune House is a fitting home for the appetites and ambitions of its chief resident, Lady Peresta Bastune. Whereas her husband, the Baron Greon Bastune, has been wenching and spending his way towards what is seemingly an inevitable downfall, Lady Peresta’s “legendary” infidelities, manage to further her ends. Her son Lyndar is purportedly not the product of her marriage to Greon Bastune, but rather of a liaison with the king’s bastard and Marshal of the Royal Guard, Koris Harabor. The Lady has all the makings of a compelling figure and NPC for any Kaldor campaign, and Bastune House provides an excellent platform for her, from which she can exercise all her charms.

Bastune House (Tahsal H3) is, first and foremost, an expression of the author’s simple desire to develop a floorplan for a townhouse in Tashal. It seemed like a good place to start. It’s big! — a little bigger than Caldeth’s house across the street and twice the size of Cheselyne’s house (Tashal H9).

Nevertheless, what is presented here is neither a detailed history of the house, nor a thorough description of its inhabitants. The house wasn’t built to fit into a particular campaign. As it developed, the floorplan suggested so many possible narratives that it seemed a shame to commit to just one. Numerous possibilities could be suggested, but let’s let the house speak for itself.

by Matt Leber

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Tome of Cantrips

June 12, 2017

When an individual becomes a satia-mavari shek-p’var (a journeyman mage), they will often forget the simple spells they learned and used as a mavari. But there may be a place for them in a mage’s repertoire.

This 78 page article contains over 70 small, slightly useful spells for any who care to make use of them in creative and innovative ways. Need the milk cooled? Chill it. Tired of washing the windows the old fashioned way; Clean it, or maybe Dust it. The master poking holes in the toe of his sock? Stitch it.

by Joseph McCallum

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June 12, 2017

Ulmstane village lies in eastern Chybisa on the banks of the Ulmerien River. Ulmstane holds the chapter house for the only Chybisan body of the Laranian fighting order, Lady of Paladins. The village is essentially a military outpost, rather than a traditional peasant village.

Written in 2003 and now available once more, this 18 page article complements the Lady of Paladins (qv) article by Kerry Mould.

by Aaron Kavli

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June 12, 2017

Malmor is a vathran in Northeastern Ivinia, in the Kingdom of Govyna, situated on Skeltfjord. A thriving and growing community with a strong leader, who uses the wealth of the thran to send boats on seasonal raids. There are 3 maps included here for use with the article. The article contains a color GM Map, a color Common Map and Black and White player map. Maps are generously provided courtesy of Brian Smaller.

by James Johnson

Malmor Download

Earthmaster Artifacts

June 12, 2017

A selection of minor psionic artifacts, probably of Earthmaster origin, that might be found as treasure if generous GMs feel they are appropriate. Feel free to make any adjustments to the suggested power settings.

Another page of artifacts has been added [June 2017].

by Daniel Petrone

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Friends, Foes & Followers — Parts 4, 5, 6

April 1, 2017

Part 2 of 14 in the series Friends, Foes & Followers

Friends, Foes & Followers is a GM resource that uses a common format for presenting 2 pages of information about a character. The characters can be used in any way the GM sees fit; as NPC opponents, helpers or even emergency PCs for that unexpected player, making these resources no GM should be without.

This zip file contains 36 fully developed characters, including 11 military, 1 barbarian, 10 guildsmen, 4 unguilded, 4 nobles, 4 priests, 1 mage and 1 non-human. It replaces FFF 4 (4422 downloads), 5 (4581 downloads) and 6 (4876 downloads).

This updated and revised edition of FFF 4, 5 and 6 contains all the same characters, but upgraded to the final FFF format. It incorporates many changes, big and small, including removing the name and nationality from the front page to allow the GM to rename the character to fit his or her needs. Kerry has also updated index numbers and added a full HarnMaster Character Profile.

In response to a request at HârnCon III, Kerry has created two 2pp articles detailing pre-made adventuring groups known as ‘A Company of Adventurers’ (ACOA). These are perfect for convention play or as a sample group for new players.

FFF 5 is the HârnCon III edition and includes two ACOA groups: ‘The Pentacle’ (by John Sgammato & Kerry Mould) and ‘Andel’s Entourage’ (by Andy Gibson and Kerry Mould).

FFF 6 includes nine characters inspired by the Sci-Fi series “Firefly” transposed into the world of Harn as seagoing folk instead of spacefaring folk. Their ship is a 64 foot dak, the ‘Lorkin’ (qv), a medieval type of ship known to us as a cog which—despite its connections to FFF6—can be used separately for any seaborne adventures, perhaps starting with Sail Ho! (qv). ACOA 3, ‘The Crew of the Lorkin’ (by Andy Gibson, Ken Snellings, and Kerry Mould) includes the officers and passengers of the ‘Lorkin’.

FFF 6 also includes three characters inspired by Bernard Knight’s series “Crowner John“, ACOA 4 (by Kerry Mould) groups these into the ‘Agents of the Crown.’

These 36 FFFs are produced by the Harn Writers Guild (HWG). They are written by Kerry Mould (14), John S. Daniel II (12), John Sgammato (6), Ken Snelling (3) and Andy Gibson (1). They are illustrated by Juha Makkonen (24) and Richard Luschek (12).

by Kerry Mould

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Friends, Foes & Followers — Part 14

March 16, 2017

Part 14 of 14 in the series Friends, Foes & Followers

Friends, Foes & Followers is a GM resource that uses a common format for presenting 2 pages of information about a character. The characters can be used in any way the GM sees fit; as NPC opponents, helpers or even emergency PCs for that unexpected player, making these resources no GM should be without.

Special thanks goes out to Rob Barnes, who sponsored all of the art by the always amazing Richard Luschek. The illustrations were originally created for Rob’s Lynnfana Hundred campaign. They include two characters familiar to fans of The Earl’s Progress. It is my pleasure to add them to FFF for use by GMs.

This instalment contains:

  • a young, wealth widow Perfumer
  • a tough, female, talbar (riverboat) captain
  • an attractive thespian
  • an arrogant, noble bailiff, Sir Andro Valador, antagonist from The Earl’s Progress (q.v.)
  • a herald and chamberlain, Sir Gorlin Farafgar, important NPC from The Earl’s Progress (q.v.)
  • a Laranian knight inquisitor from a secret order
  • an Agrikan knight / spy mascarading as a Halean knight on the jousting circuit
  • his faithful Agrikan squire
  • an Ilviran priest with a club foot

You will note there are only nine characters in this edition. FFF 13 (Gargun Edition) had 15 characters, and the reduced number of characters in FFF 14 is to balance the two issues out to the average of twelve characters per issue.

by Kerry Mould

Friends, Foes & Followers 14 Download

Menema Regional Map

March 13, 2017

The Menema Regional Map bundle contains three files. These are a PNG image of a regional map of Menema in Hepekeria done in the same style as the Harn, Ivinia, Shorkyne, and Trierzon regional maps produced by Columbia Games. Also included is a Microsoft publisher file with the same image sized and tiled to be printed out on multiple A4 pages and stuck together to produce a regional map of the same scale as the originals. Finally, the package also includes an incomplete Menema index. This lists all the features on the map, but provides little information other than the title, nature, and grid reference for each feature. You will have to complete the content yourself.

by Conal Smith

Menema Regional Map Download

Major Knights of Rethem

March 9, 2017

Part 3 of 3 in the series Heraldry

The achievements of sixteen major knights of Rethem who are the bailiffs or constables of keeps, holding these strongholds for the great clans of the kingdom. Others are sheriffs/constables appointed by the king. This rascally bunch also includes several knights holding the largest number of manors in the kingdom outside of the great clans.

by Matthew Roegner

Major Knights of Rethem Download

Three Brothers Barrow

December 21, 2016

This article provides Gamemasters with a ready-made Jarin barrow tomb for heroes to explore, along with several adventure hooks. Three maps are included: a local map depicting the pasture where the ancient barrow has remained hidden until the present, interior plans for the barrow tomb itself, and interior plans for a small cave system that allows access to the hidden tombs. Additionally, stats are provided for a new type of Ivashu the PCs can encounter within the caves, along with a beautiful full-colour illustration by Richard Luschek.

by Rob Barnes

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