Hârn Pottage III

November 12, 2016

Part 3 of 4 in the series Harn Pottage

Pottage III continues the fine tradition of bringing excellent supplementary material to the roleplaying community. While the places, people, and adventures contained in this volume are aimed at the world of Hârn, with very little work they could be used in any medieval fantasy campaign. Heck, with just a little more work, they could be used in ANY genre!

Included with artwork by the incomparable Richard Luschek and beautiful maps, the author has once again exceeded all expectations. These 40 pages are roleplaying gold…and free!

by Mike St-Pierre

Hârn Pottage III Download

As an added bonus, Joe McCallum has made coloured editions of some of the Keep (Fortified Manor House) that appears on pgs 2-5.

Pottage3 Colour Maps Download

Coranan Additions

February 20, 2016

This 12 page article expands and adds to the city entries for the second edition Coranan article from CGI. Coranan Additions provides new inhabitants of the city tying into the existing articles and offering many new adventure hooks including the Agrikan street war. With villages and layout by Brent Bailey, plus art by Richard Luschek, Coranan Additions is a must have for adventuring in Harn’s largest city.

by Matt Roegner

Coranan Additions Download


October 31, 2015

Part 5 of 5 in the series Fethael

Lethyl is a prosperous, if slightly rustic, Laranian abbey dedicated to Saint Syrele. It is bordered by the dark Kirsta Forest on the northern border of Fethael Hundred. It is two and a half leagues from the town of Getha and the Silver Way. The little abbey has survived a number of assaults during Kaldor’s turbulent hostory, although the village has had to be rebuilt a number of times.

Maps by George Kelln.

by Joe Adams

Lethyl Download



October 31, 2015

Stybrin Manor is located on prime river bottomland on the western edge of Kaldor, near Olokand Castle. The newly completed manor house is built on a small rock outcropping and has been under construction for the last 40 years. A medium sized village is clustered around the base of the outcrop, inside a simple wooden palisade.

This is part of the Nelafayn Hundred Project (qv). Maps by Patrick Nilsson and illustrated by Richard Luschek.

by Kerry Mould

Stybrin Download



October 31, 2015

Medarsin, a modest manor held by members of Clan Lasvarn, lies next to the Kald River southeast of Olokand. Medarsin Manor is located in a safe and fertile part of Meselynshire away from the frontier. Little merchant traffic passes through the fief, except when a riverboat chooses to stop at the village.

Medarsin is part of the Nelafayn Hundred Project (qv). Maps by Neil Thompson and illustrations by Richard Luschek & Matthias Janssen (heraldry).

by Dan Bell

Medarsin Download


October 31, 2015

Iversen is located between Abriel Abbey and the royal castle at Olokand in Meselyne shire in Kaldor.  Located centrally in the shire, this prime manor held by the Laranian church is blessed with quality land, safety from the dangers of the frontier, and reasonable trade and activity along the route between Abriel and Olokand.

This article is part of the Nelafayn Hundred Project (qv). Maps by Patrick Nilsson and illustrations by kind permission of Eric Hotz.

by J. Patrick McDonald

Iversen Download



October 18, 2015

Part 19 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

Emesa gives its name to the northernmost hundred of Hohnamshire in the Kingdom of Rethem. Temporal power now resides with the Warriors of Mameka but the small town has a rich history.  Its annual Beast Fair sees whale oil from Alesen, and the fruits of the Peran forests, and trades from the Kuboran Moot, exchanged for the finer products of southern civilisation.  Apart from the Beast Fair the south knows little of Emesa, though it’s boast of being the ‘gateway to Peran’ attracts a slow stream of adventurers and fools who believe the wilderness will make them rich. More often it makes them dead.

by Alun Rees

Emesa Download


Hârn Pottage IV

January 1, 2015

Part 4 of 4 in the series Harn Pottage

Hârn Pottage returns with its fourth installment.  Continuing its tradition of random locations usable in almost any fantasy gaming system. This edition includes a keep, a village, a walled town, a cove and two short adventures…and it’s not done yet (hint, there’s no back cover)! A Hârn Pottage spine and alternate cover with a pottage recipe are provided for the fans in separate files.

At 53 pages, this is the largest Pottage yet and again illustrated by none other than Richard Luschek.

by Mike St-Pierre

Hârn Pottage IV Download



May 5, 2014

Part 2 of 2 in the series Labarn

Suvist is a manor to the northeast of Heru in Kaldor.  While the manor is prosperous, the acrimonious relationship between the lord of the manor, Sir Sterba, and his wife, Lady Kelenia, is stretching the manor’s resources to its limit.

This article is one of a series concerning the holdings of the Labarn clan in Kaldor. Maps by Jonathan Nicholas.

by Carol Nicholas

Suvist Download


Gimon Keep

June 21, 2013

Built in 426TR, Gimon is a struggling fishing port, home to a rough crowd of fishermen and miners. Located on the south-eastern coast of Kanday, it is the fief of Baron Tobrin Jevasa, a close advisor to the powerful Earl of Sarkum.

This keep was developed from the single map provided by Columbia Games in their Atlas Kanday CD. The original map has been changed to include a larger walled keep in order to more closely fit the requirements in my own campaign. The maps and general document were made in MS Visio and ported to PDF. I’ve made some additional Visio stencils available. If these are useful do let me know and I will continue to post other items.

by Joseph McCallum

Gimon Keep Gimon Keep

Harn Visio Stencils Visio Stencils



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