Spells From Yagaland

September 28, 2016

These spells were developed by the GM and players of a Gentle White Hand campaign. Many of these spells are very high level and complex. People are welcome to use any of them, modified or otherwise in their settings as they see fit.

by RobbaYaga

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Fate of Hârn

March 21, 2016

Fate of Hârn v3.0 (version 2016-03-20) is an adaptation of the FATE Core rules by Evil Hat Games for use in the HârnWorld setting.  It is best understood if you have access to the FATE Core rules, which are available for Pay What You Want at DrivethruRPG.  Also included is a Cheat Sheet that has proven useful to players; ‘Fate on a Page’ (actually 4 pages), my GM reference sheets; and the most recent Character Sheet that has been developed to accommodate the changes introduced with this version.
This version has been subject to extensive testing at both the occasional NorthCons (my thanks to Andy Gibson and Neil Thompson), recent IviniaCons and by the group I GM in Suffolk where I’ve been using these rules to play through the Dark Rethem Campaign using Fate.  My thanks to those players who were entirely new to Harn and relatively new to Fate — their contribution through our weekly sessions has been invaluable.  I have been posting observations about my learning about Fate Core, and this implementation of it, here (link to HârnForum) and on the Friends of Harn facebook Page.
I do not expect this version to be subject to much change until the Suffolk group complete the Dark Rethem Campaign in April/May.  However, you observations and feedback to this continuing work in, progress are welcome here (link to HârnForum).

by Alun Rees

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 {Updated March 21, 2016}

GunMaster Gold

May 31, 2015

This unofficial supplement for HârnMaster Gold contains rules for those GameMasters who wish to send their players into a modern-day Terran-like environment. This is a 43 page rulebook, containing rules for using all sorts of modern weapons and ballistic armours. There is also an extra five page module about black powder weapons.

by Bill Gant

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Sastaz’s Peleahn Grimoire

June 26, 2014

Sastaz was a Peleahn Shenava who was raised and schooled in a small remote chantry in the forests of northern Kaldor. Right after his promotion to Shenava in 712 TR the chantry was attacked by unknown forces and most of members fled or were killed. Rumor has it one of the Shenavas sought to increase her own powers by striking a bargain with The Emperor of Flame. Raised in the wilderness, Sastaz’ magic aims for survival, be it striking the enemy or escaping him. A recently discovered copy of his grimoire has shed some additional light on this brave warrior mage.

by Mattias Lejbrink

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Expanding Save-K’norran Ritual Choice

March 23, 2014

Save-K’norran rituals are not the most glamorous in the Libram of Pantheon. This single page article describes a house rule to make Save-K’norran priests more palatable to play.

But beware of the knowledge you seek. It could be your undoing.

As with all things, there is a price to pay; learning the rituals of other dieties is fraught with danger. Your character is only human, and may be seduced by the philosophies and outlook of those other dieties.

by Daniel Krenzke

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More Unofficial Spells

January 21, 2013

Part 7 of 7 in the series Spells

I don’t know where these unofficial spell descriptions are from but many years ago I found and edited them into the format that was used at the time. These appear to be different from the Unofficial Spells (qv) that can also be found on this site, and there are no Neutral spells, but you might still find them useful.

by Unknown

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Dramatic Conflict

January 4, 2013

In this brief 2 page rules article, a simple framework is described for managing many forms of dramatic conflict; specifically, social, moral, ethical, and emotional conflicts can be resolved using this system.  An example of social conflict (haggling or more generally negotiation)  is included.

by J. Patrick McDonald

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HârnMaster Enhanced

October 11, 2011

This is a compilation of houserules containing modified combat, injury and weapon tables and a variety of combat maneuvers like Strike to Stun, Disarm, All-Out Attack or Called Strike. New rules for shock, kill and fumble rolls are also included as well as whole body damage and size damage modifiers. Some are new and unique (some of them are not playtested but will be in the near future), others are heavily inspired by houserules created by others, especially by Bill Gant, Patrick Nilsson, Timo Hanschke and Alan D. Nelson.

by Ardron

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Midgaadian Magic

August 20, 2011

The 1980’s era “Midgaadian Magic” style for Elves and Dwarves of Hârn and the people of Midgaad has been updated. It should now be usable by those familiar with HM1 / HMG Shek-P’var rules without needing a lot of additional ‘outside the document’ explanations.

by Gary Ashburn

Midgaardian Magic Download

Artifact Enchantment

May 21, 2011

This is a 25 page guide that provides detailed rules for the creation of magic items using the HârnMaster rules system. It is not about any particular version of the rules but about introducing a framework for the creation of magic items that is logical, consistent, and useful.

Creating magic items of the type detailed in this book is an activity for advanced mage characters. Players and gamemasters should be experienced already with the process of developing new spell descriptions and familiar with many of the optional rules associated with spell casting. For experienced mages this book is a recipe list of spells and ideas for the creation of new and improved magical items.

The archive also contains a Microsoft Word document that contains a few additional details not included in the beautifully produced PDF.

NB: Errata for page 13 has been added until the PDF is fixed.

by Gary Ashburn

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