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Hârn is a mist-shrouded island lying off the western coast of the continent of Lýthia, and legend has it populated by savage beasts, barbaric tribesmen, and mysterious wizards.

First published in 1983, Hârn is one of the most detailed fantasy worlds ever created and we are proud to be your gateway to its small but thriving worldwide fan community. So come on in and join the fun.

Don't know HârnWorld at all? Click here to download an introduction (PDF). If you want to meet other fans, then visit the HârnForum, the Hârn community meeting hall. And don't forget to check out HârnLink for other Hârn websites on the Internet! But our primary purpose is to freely share fan-written material set in HârnWorld, although much of this material could be adapted for use in any fantasy roleplaying setting. Submissions can be sent to submissions_{AT}_lythia_{DOT}_com.


Bestiary: Bitter Fallen

This entry is part 21 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

The Bitten Fallen are residents of Yashain that have fallen from grace, and they resent the fact and seek revenge on the living.


This entry is part 20 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

The ruins of Caer Mejetus are a monument to the hubris of one man, Emperor Mejenes of the Corani.


This entry is part 19 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

Emesa gives its name to the northernmost hundred of Hohnamshire in the Kingdom of Rethem, where temporal power now rests with the Warriors of Mameka.

Kustan Siolen

This entry is part 18 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

The Shawls of Kustan are one of the least well known wonders of Harn.

Scarlet Ribbon

This entry is part 17 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

The Scarlet Ribbon was the principal artery linking the settlements of the western Corani Empire with its Peran frontier.

Mejetus: Ancient Shades

This entry is part 16 of 21 in the series Dark Rethem

The fourth adventure of the Dark Rethem campaign, where the heroes embark on a mission that takes them into Peran and across Rethem.

Fate of Hârn

Fate of Hârn is an adaptation of the FATE Core rules (from Evil Hat Games) for use in the HârnWorld setting  It is best understood if you have access to those rules, which are available for Pay What You Want at DrivethruRPG. Fate of Hârn incorporates elements of the HârnMaster rules to retain the gritty feeling […]


Demons and Divine Servants

February 4th, 2014

This 13 page bestiary article provides general information on demons, divine servants, and other dwellers on Yashain. In addition, details are provided for the 8 types of V’hir and two types of Gytevsha.

by Conal Smith


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