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Hârn is a mist-shrouded island lying off the western coast of the continent of Lýthia, and legend has it populated by savage beasts, barbaric tribesmen, and mysterious wizards.

First published in 1983, Hârn is one of the most detailed fantasy worlds ever created and we are proud to be your gateway to its small but thriving worldwide fan community. So come on in and join the fun.

Don't know HârnWorld at all? Click here to download an introduction (PDF). If you want to meet other fans, then visit the HârnForum, the Hârn community meeting hall. And don't forget to check out HârnLink for other Hârn websites on the Internet! But our primary purpose is to freely share fan-written material set in HârnWorld, although much of this material could be adapted for use in any fantasy roleplaying setting. Submissions can be sent to submissions_{AT}_lythia_{DOT}_com.


Bastune House

This large townhouse in Tashal (H3) is a fitting home for the appetites and ambitions of its chief resident, Lady Peresta Bastune.

Tome of Cantrips

Cantrips are simple Shek-Pvar spells of no great effect, learned and used by apprentices.


Ulmstane, on the banks of the Ulmerien River in Chybisa, is home to chapter of the Lady of Paladins fighting order.


Situated on Skeltfjord in the Kingdom of Govyna lies the vathran of Malmor.

Earthmaster Artifacts

[UPDATE] A selection of minor psionic artifacts, probably of Earthmaster origin.

Friends, Foes & Followers — Parts 4, 5, 6

This entry is part 2 of 14 in the series Friends, Foes & Followers

Friends, Foes & Followers is a GM resource that uses a common format for presenting 2 pages of information about a character. This updated and revised edition of FFF 4, 5 and 6 contains all the same characters, but upgraded to the format finalized in FFF 12.

Friends, Foes & Followers — Part 14

This entry is part 14 of 14 in the series Friends, Foes & Followers

Friends, Foes & Followers Part 14 with 9 new characters.


Gimon Keep

June 21st, 2013

Built in 426TR, Gimon is a struggling fishing port, home to a rough crowd of fishermen and miners. Located on the south-eastern coast of Kanday, it is the fief of Baron Tobrin Jevasa, a close advisor to the powerful Earl of Sarkum.

This keep was developed from the single map provided by Columbia Games in their Atlas Kanday CD. The original map has been changed to include a larger walled keep in order to more closely fit the requirements in my own campaign. The maps and general document were made in MS Visio and ported to PDF. I’ve made some additional Visio stencils available. If these are useful do let me know and I will continue to post other items.

by Joseph McCallum

Gimon Keep Gimon Keep

Harn Visio Stencils Visio Stencils



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